The new Shanghai Dragons players are almost here.


The Shanghai Dragons announced on Twitter that both Ado and Fearless are set to arrive in the US early next week after finishing their visa interviews. Unikrn confirmed in a story that Geguri will have her visa interview on March 21 and, assuming it goes well, will arrive on March 23.

In the same tweet, it was mentioned that Undead is expected to miss out on two match days because he had to fly back to China for personal reasons.

Dragons to hire a sports psychologist.

With a record of 0-18 as of this writing, it’s no surprise to anyone that such a record takes a toll on the Dragons’ player psyche. Speaking to Unikrn, General Manager Van spoke on what they do to help keep spirits up. Trying a few things, they give their players chances to vent, take time away from Overwatch, help players feel relaxed on game days, and they have a number of outings and parties with other teams.

In the near future they will be working on fitness together, new team-building exercises, and a sports psychologist has already been hired to join the team soon.

Brigitte is almost here!


On March 20, Brigitte will be joining the live servers. Sharing a new video with the date of her arrival, character artist Ben Zhang talked about Brigitte’s creation in how her concept went from a paladin-like character to the engineer she is today.

Developer Scott Mercer said in a forum post that while Brigitte will be added to the game soon, she will not be availble for competitive play until Season 10, much like how Blizzard World wasn’t added to the competitive map pool until Season 9. The idea behind this being that they want to give each season an identity and allow players more time to play with new heroes, maps, and other potential changes. Reactions to the story on our Twitter have been mixed, with some fine with the idea, with many others very upset. Very.

Sombra’s Hack receiving minor adjustments.


In a move that some are calling a “MASSIVE NERF!” and similar outcries, Sombra is receiving a small change to help against her feel a bit more fair when fighting against her. Coming in “the next patch,” likely Brigitte’s patch on Tuesday, Sombra’s Hack will gain a 2 second cooldown if it’s interrupted by taking damage, intending to make Sombra players more picky about when they use Hack and on who.

A second change for her has to do more with game code. Currently there is a 0.1 delay in breaking Line of Sight (LOS) from her Hack, which meant that in some situations, it would appear like she was hacking players who hid behind from her walls. That delay is being removed, and instead the game is doing more internal checks to see if Sombra’s line of sight has been broken.

Notable News

  • Once Brigitte is released, work will begin on creating art and sound assets for Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow replacement. The hope is to have the new ability available on the PTR in April, but that of course isn’t guaranteed as is the way with such things. (source)

  • Michael Chu said that Lucio will soon be getting some Portuguese voice lines in a thread asking why more heroes don’t speak in their native languages.

  • Streamer TimTheTatMan asked Elon Musk if he plays Overwatch. He does and he says he finds it soothing.

Fan Content of the Week

  • Redditor C47man proposed to his girlfriend with this amazing Mercy-inspired ring.

Cover photo credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard