Brigitte is on her way!


After a weeklong series of teasers, on Wednesday hero 27 was revealed! Brigitte, daughter of Torbjörn, is a support hero whose appearance resembles an Overwatch-themed shieldmaiden. Hitting enemies with her Rocket Flail will heal allies in a small radius around her, to Lucio’s aura. The flail can also be whipped at enemies from for the same effect, but also knocking the enemy back. To heal a single target at a higher rate, she can throw Repair Packs at them, which will also provide armor if it heals over their maximum hit points.

Brigitte carries with her a Barrier Shield that she may activate whenever, much like Reinhardt. Unlike the German’s shield, hers is only large enough to cover herself and anyone who is directly behind her. Should and enemy get to close, she can use a Shield Bash to stun him, similar to McCree’s Flash Bang.

Lastly, her ultimate, Rally, gives Brigitte alone a speed boost, and any allies in a small radius around her will receive an armor boost that lasts until it’s removed by damage.

Jeff Kaplan hosted a Developer Update, providing some of her lore and covering her abilities. Brigitte is available for play on the PTR and you can read more about her here.

New patch with hero buffs goes live.


The recent PTR changes made to Doomfist, Mei, and Sombra have been pushed to the live servers. Full notes may be read here, but in short, Doomfist’s Hand Cannon recharges quicker, Mei’s Freeze lasts 1.5 seconds instead of 1 second and her Icicle alternate fire uses less ammo, and Sombra no longer gains ultimate charge from using hacked health packs, but her Hack has been improved so that it’s both quicker and effects more abilities like this Lucio player found out.

Notable News

  • Added to the PTR this week were the new hero, Brigitte, and ally ultimate charge percentage is displayed on the Tab/Status screen.

  • Season 9 of Competitive Mode began on Wednesday, and Blizzard World has been added to the map pool. The season will last until about the end of April.

  • Support heroes may be getting a “Help me!” line similar to Mercy. (source)

  • For a time in early development, Mei was going to have a movement ability that allowed her to slide on a patch of ice to get around. (source

  • Year of the Dog ends on Monday, March 5, so get those final loot boxes! Most events have finished one day after the official end date, but never assume that will happen every time.

  • The Figma Widowmaker is available for pre-order on the Blizzard Store.

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