Season 8 will be known as the season the Mercy meta finally died. It’s also the first season to occur simultaneously with the Overwatch League. This is anecdotal, but I’ve seen an uptick in skill, and even some competitive players and teams borrowing plays from the pros. It’s been fascinating to watch!


February Winners

  • Mercy (+1.29%)

  • Reinhardt (+1.05%)

February Losers

  • Orisa (-0.85%)

  • Roadhog (-0.76%)

Having fallen to his lowest point in the past six months at the Season 8 midpoint, Reinhardt has been slowly gaining ground. At almost 7%, the German is returning to his tank meta days in use. He provides more mobility than Orisa, and can protect his squishies more than the omnic when heroes such as Tracer and Genji harass them, so it’s an obvious choice.

Mercy has proven time and time again that despite being hit repeatedly by the nerf cannon, she’s still a strong and capable healer. This “dead” hero gained on Moira considerably, but still maintained her position in second place. Ana and Zenyatta need to watch out because Lucio is back on the rise and looks to overtake them soon, along a woman from Sweden.

The most puzzling change this month is Roadhog’s drop, especially since most heroes that “counter” him also dropped, such as Reaper and Junkrat. Looking at it another way though, with aggressive and more “divey” comps currently favored, there are fewer allies around to help him kill hooked targets since Genji and Tracer off doing their own things. Numbers can be deceptive though, and at a pick rate of over 5%, Roadhog is still chosen much more than Winston, Zarya, and Orisa.

What’s Ahead?

Season 9 is going to be very exciting. Sombra is likely to get a lot of increased playtime with her recent changes, but most of all, we’ll likely see Brigitte soon and she’s going to shake-up the healer meta even more. With little for range healing, will she be taking Lucio’s spot just after he started to make some gains? Will she be a situational healer, used more on defense because of her armor capabilities? What do you think?