Overbuff introduces new Compare feature.


We just introduced a new feature, profile comparing! This has been a common request and we’re proud to be able to roll it out. This new tool allows you to compare up to four profiles against each other. Your friends or even a few of the pros! Choose between Quick Play or Competitive mode, and you can also compare All Heroes or individual ones so you know who is the better Bastion or Symmetra player between you and your friends.

To use it, go to https://www.overbuff.com/compare OR click the new Compare button that’s on your profile (pictured above).

Mercy and Junkrat changes live.


Changes for Mercy and Junkrat that appeared on the PTR at the beginning of January were rolled out to the live servers this past week. Junkrat’s Concussion Mine was given a damage fall-off, meaning the further away someone is from the mine, the less it deals to the target. This was done to help tone back the damage he recently gained by requiring the player to be a bit more accurate in their mine placement.

As for Mercy, her Valkyrie ultimate was changed yet again. Using her ultimate no longer grants her a bonus charge of Resurrect, casting Resurrect is no longer instant, the speed boost from Guardian Angel has been reduced by half, and the length of the ultimate has been lowered down from 20 seconds to 15 seconds. Note that currently the sound that plays when her ultimate finishes is broken, but has been fixed and will come out in the next patch. The Valkyrie changes were made because changing them only outside of Valkyrie form as was previously done, was proving to not be enough to bring her to a level desired by the developers.

Our Twitter has seen an onslaught of opinions on the change ranging from, “This is the best thing ever,” to “Mercy is dead,” to, “This isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.” What’s the truth? Before the patch, Mercy’s pick rate was at about 16-17%, meaning that she was used in almost 100% of the time. After the patch, her pick rate lowered to second highest (6.8%), behind Moira (10%).

Read the full patch notes here.

Next event teased.


On Thursday, the PlayOverwatch Twitter account teased the next in-game event, Year of the Dog. Jeff Kaplan mentioned the new event during his Happy New Year video, but we haven’t had a date until now: February 8.

Unfortunately, right now little information is known about the new iteration of the event. During last year’s Year of the Rooster we received a plethora of new skins, such as Mei’s two Legendary outfits, Luna and Chang’e, and skins to go with Winston’s Journey of the West tapestry, and a redress of the Night Market map for the Chinese New Year. All in all, 12 heroes got new skins last year so maybe we’ll see some that didn’t get any last year get one this time around.

D.Va was never the Starcraft pro we thought she was.


Lead Writer Michael Chu recently said something that caused quite a stir for fans of the Overwatch lore: ”It’s a common misconception, but D.Va wasn’t a StarCraft pro before joining MEKA.” Upon reading this, one redditor took the time to collect the information that led to the community feeling she was a Starcraft pro, particularly the time during her character reveal when she was placed on the actual pro rankings on Starcraft’s website, which has long since been removed, and a clip from the 2015 BlizzCon panel where Chu said, “D.Va is a pro gamer, she’s a multiple time world champion at Starcraft, all different kind of games. Everything that she plays, she’s basically a pro,” and Jeff Kaplan added, “Starcraft 6,” as a little joke.

To clarify his clarification, Michael Chu added on the Blizzard forums that before D.Va was revealed, they thought it would be fun to show her background as a pro gamer on the Starcraft WCS site. Worried it would be taken as canon, they put her preferred race as Random, thinking it would be an obvious clue. Chu added that in hindsight, the message was confusing, but it wasn’t their intent to say she was a Starcraft pro, just really, really good at video games. Her father, however, totally was a Starcraft pro. Check out the entire post linked above for the full account.

Notable News

  • Florida Mayhem signed Zappis, a flex DPS who was previously on teams such as Team Gigantti and Ninjas/Rest in Pyjamas. Team Gigantti won EU Contenders Season 1.

  • Dallas Fuel are signing DPS player aKm, a former Rogue member who also played for France in the 2017 Overwatch World Cup.

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Fan Content of the Week

  • This couple met in Overwatch and even had Jeff Kaplan deliver they payload, I mean presented the ring for the engagement.