At four weeks in, the Overwatch League hasn’t had a lot of time to build up rivalries between players and teams yet, but one that was meant to be is between the two Los Angeles teams, the Gladiators and the Valiant.

Today we’re going to take a look at how the players did against their counterpart on each map. While a true rivalry would be same hero versus same hero, that’s not always an option with how Overwatch works, so our rivals were chosen for their similar hero pools or similar fight roles when a mirror match-up wasn’t possible.



Asher vs. SoOn

First up, in a Tracer v. Tracer battle we have the Valiant’s SoOn against the Asher on the Valiant. While both spent most of their fights harassing the others’ tanks and healers, they both took time out of their busy schedules to harass each other. While Asher had a tough time at the start of the map, once he was on the streets phase, he was making things look easy.

Asher: 20 eliminations, 7 against SoOn

SoOn: 17 eliminations, 5 against Asher

Winner: Asher


Surefour vs. Agilities

The first point of Eichenwalde is strong for Pharah players, and in this duel we had Surefour’s strong rocket queen abilities against Agilities, who struggled to staying afloat. While Agilities looked better once he could plant his feet on solid ground, Surefour had his number time and time again.

Surefour: 21 eliminations, 5 against Agilities

Agilities: 11 eliminations, 3 against Agilities

Winner: Surefour


Horizon Lunar Colony


Between a roster swap and the short length of the battles, there wasn’t much here to examine. Valiant had such a tough time on this map that it was over 2-0 before anyone could blink. That said, Hydration laid the perfect trap for SoOn that had to have been frustrating.



Asher vs. SoOn

This three round match-up began with both on Widowmaker for Ruins and it was not a pretty sight. Asher could not find SoOn at all, allowing the Frenchman to completely control the battlefield. In fact, on the first round, Asher didn’t score a single elimination. The story changed once they were able to pick up their Tracer fights on the last two maps, with Asher’s best moment was on Lighthouse when he turned out to be the anti-Pharmercy their team needed.

Asher: 9 eliminations, 2 against SoOn

SoOn: 9 eliminations, 3 against Asher

Winner: SoOn - if not for getting more kills against Asher directly, then for shutting him out entirely in Round 1


Hydration vs. silkthread

Valiant swapped out Agilities for silkthread given that he’s the better Pharah, and he’s pretty good with Tracer as well. Just like Asher, Hydration’s Roadhog struggled on Ruins and was unable to secure a single elimination while silkthread picked off the Gladiators over and over. Once the fight took to the skies again, Hydration looked more at home and silkthread had a tougher time, but in the end, it was silkthread’s show.

Hydration: 12 eliminations, 2 against silkthread

silkthread: 11 eliminations, 5 against Hydration

Winner: silkthread




Asher vs. SoOn

Starting out as a Widow vs. Widow fight, again SoOn gave Asher so much trouble. Then again, Asher also didn’t help himself out after plays like this where we see both he and Hydration take unforced errors by falling off the cliff. Asher did get the occasional “ez” pick, but unfortunately uNKOE was right there to undo the damage. Here is a look and SoOn’s excellent Widowmaker sight lines.

Asher: 13 eliminations (after -1 for the unforced error), 5 against SoOn

SoOn: 18 eliminations, 4 against SoOn

Winner: SoOn - Again, while Asher may have killed SoOn more, the suicide that contributed to the Gladiators running out of time made SoOn the clear winner.


Hydration vs. Agilities

With Hydration on Roadhog for most of the map, and Agilities back in and on Junkrat, this wasn’t a traditional duel, but the two bumped heads more often than not. In fact, when Hydration switched to Genji while defending, he had more Dragonblade kills up to that point than for the entire night at 4 to 3. Agilities, however, had some great moments as Junkrat, such as this triple kill. Not having it again, Hydration single-handedly shut one of his tires down with some impeccable aim.

Hydration: 17 eliminations, 4 against Agilities

Agilities: 24 eliminations, 5 against Hydration

Winner: Agilities


Lijiang Tower


Asher vs. SoOn

This final showdown was less a match against each other, but for the whole shebang. SoOn’s focus was the Gladiator tanks while Asher tended to focus down uNKOE’s Mercy. In this clip, which actually highlights a great ultimate for Hydration, you can see in the killfeed that Asher was lying in wait for the unsuspecting uNKOE, sneaking up behind him for the easy kill.

Asher: 13 eliminations, 2 against SoOn

SoOn: 18 eliminations, 2 against Asher

Winner: SoOn


Hydration vs. Agilities

Similar to Asher and SoOn where the focus of this map wasn’t each other, Agilities was wrecking on both maps the Valiant won, but across the board, Hydration was having some trouble making many eliminations of his own. In this same clip from above, we see Agilities not only take out Hydration, but Hydration’s RIP-Tire that had been buzzing around for the perfect kill.

Hydration: 10 eliminations, 1 against Agilities

Agilities: 18 eliminations, 4 against Hydration

Winner: Agilities


All-in-all, the Valiant vs. Gladiators was one of the best matches from week 3 to watch, and it’s unfortunate that the next time these two face off won’t be until Wednesday, March 7. From Surefour’s ace flying skills to Agilities showing he’s more than just a pro Genji, we also got to see the first reverse sweep of the Overwatch League.