Redditor lost a bet with himself and thus buys every Shanghai Dragons skin.


MissingPear was so confident that the Shanghai Dragons, who at the time had a map record of 1-15, would not win a map against their upcoming opponent, Seoul Dynasty, that he made a bet against himself saying, “If Shanghai Dragons can take a single map from Seoul this Thursday, I will buy every Dragons skin.” He later clarified that he would do so even if they happened to win more than one map so no one would think he was trying to get out of his bet.

The Dragons did it. While still losing the series, the they completed a full hold against the Dynasty on the last map, Dorado, during the streets phase, increasing their record to 2-18 on map score.

Holding true to his word, MissingPear followed up with a picture thread showing the process and results of his purchase, costing him £87.46 GBP, or about $100 US.

Blizzard World releases with a new map and new skins.


Announcing it at BlizzCon, the Blizzard World map has finally arrived to the live servers! Along with the new map, a number of new items were added to the base loot boxes, many being Blizzard-themed skins for our heroes, such as Nova for Widowmaker (Starcraft), Torbjorn’s Magni skin (Warcraft), and Zarya’s Barbarian skin (Diablo).

In the new Blizzard theme park, you’ll come across a number of posters for various rides, such as the Flight to Duskwood or Journey to Auir. If you wanted one of these posters for your own home, PDFs of were created and may be found here.

The new map will be added to the competitive map pool on Tuesday, January 30.

Watching OWL games on Twitch gives in-game rewards.


Some players discovered after watching the Overwatch League games on Twitch that they suddenly had League Points in-game. No official announcement on the program has been released yet, but during the Twitch announcement of their exclusive rights to broadcast Overwatch League games, it was said that, “We’re also working with Blizzard to develop new rewards for Overwatch fans, including exclusive in-game items. These, plus custom Overwatch League Cheermotes, will be announced when they’re available.”

In a post on Reddit, OWL Community manager Zoevia said, “So sorry about the confusion on this. As part of a test of the Overwatch League viewership reward system, some viewers who had their Twitch account linked to their account received League Tokens yesterday. The test has since ended, and we’ll have more details about content and rewards to share soon.”

OWL Player fined for bad behavior.


Profit, DPS player for the London Spitfire, was fined $1000 US by the Overwatch League for making a rude gesture on camera during the Wednesday night broadcast of the Spitfire vs. Shock game.

On Thursday, Profit released an apology for the activity on Twitter, stating he was doing it in response to some joking from his coach and teammates, not knowing the camera was on.

In response, London Spitfire and Cloud9 Founder and CEO Jack Etienne released two pictures joking about the incident with a meme he started about the team C9-ing. The first is of him holding a picture of Profit giving the finger, making a reference to another Cloud9 player who was fined for doing the same thing, and the second is of him holding a sign saying “Fined $1000” and adding, that they are not challenging the fine because the action wasn’t out of malice and the rules are clear on the issue.

In either an act of solidarity, understanding, or both, caster MonteCristo showed that he has done the same when he didn’t know he was on camera.

Developer Update - Popular Community Topics


In a new, longer than average, Developer Update, Jeff Kaplan discussed some popular topics in the community. First up was the toxicity of chat, saying that their new measures have reduced abusive chat in competitive mode by 17%, while reporting on players has increased 20%. They know the problem isn’t solved, but they’re still working on it. One such way is that they’re now proactive by watching social media and watching YouTube videos for problematic players before anyone has reported them.

On the subject of hero balance, Jeff described the “Balance Triangle:” community feedback, analysis of internal stats (such as attacker/defender win rates, ultimate charge, etc.), and developer intuition, and how two points relate the third.

With Mercy’s PTR changes he said that the purpose of Mercy’s changes are to tone down Resurrection, as it still feels too much like an ultimate, and to make Mercy more manageable while she’s in her Valkyrie state. For those players who love Mercy, he added, “We know how much you love this hero. If we tone her down too much, we will bring her back. We will pay very close attention to the changes that we do. We’re not looking to remove the hero from competitive play or anything like that, we just need to tone down that impact of Resurrect[ion].”

When it comes to Junkrat’s changes, the goal of adding the damage fall-off is to both make the Junkrat player be more accurate with Concussive Mine and to make the experience of being hit by a mine feel less random for the player being attacked.

For other heroes, Jeff said that Hanzo comes up a lot because of the Scatter Arrow ability and they’re looking into options to adjust it, including tuning it to make it feel more fair for the defender, or simply replacing Scatter Arrow.

With Mei and Symmetra, he doesn’t believe they are in a horrible place but may need slight adjustments, adding that this is difficult because they’re in the category of heroes where they need to be very careful with since they can feel very oppressive to play against.

Finally, he added a suggestion for players who favor one-tricking to expand their hero pool of characters they are comfortable with because, while the game is designed to allow you to choose any hero, there are many times where some heroes just aren’t viable.

Notable News

  • There were two upsets this week in the Overwatch League so far. The first was Boston Uprising becoming the first Western team to defeat a Korean team, the London Spitfire, 3-2, and the second was the Philadelphia Fusion defeating the New York Excelsior 3-2 to become the second Western team to defeat a Korean team.

  • The OWL added three new sponsors in the past two weeks: Toyota, T-Mobile, and Sour Patch Kids candy. With sponsorships such as these, maybe it’s a sign that this whole experiment will work!

  • London Spitfire CEO and Founder Jack Etienne did a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, answering almost 100 questions on a variety of topics such as why was the name chosen, how confident is he in the Overwatch League, and will there be any more European teams in the future.

Community Content of the Week

  • Geovanna Ramirez drew this totally rad Agent of the Swarm D.Va.

Cover photo by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment