It has been a busy few weeks for Overwatch, mostly to do with the Overwatch League, but there have been some other tidbits of news you may have missed between all the action.

Blizzard World opens soon.


We all received our ticket to the grand opening of Blizzard World, teasing that the adventure begins this coming Tuesday, January 23. The new Hybrid map will have players escorting the payload through the streets of Stormwind, through The Starcraft Experience, and ending in Leoric’s Castle.

Also with the event, a large assortment of new items are being released for the standard loot box. Throughout the week, the Overwatch Twitter accounts have been giving us video teasers of the items, including new player icons, sprays, the new Pharah legendary skin, and a handful of emotes, but you can see some/all of the new items on their blog page which also shows more emotes and skins for Young Reinhardt, Deathwing Doomfist, The Butcher Roadhog, Barbarian Zarya, and more!

Incline inclinations.


A few movement changes were recently rolled out that adjusted to how heroes move on sloped surfaces and how acceleration on the ground versus in the air. In a post on the forums, principal Designer, Geoff Goodman, explained the changes in more detail.

Previously, inclines were unintentionally causing heroes to slightly strafe left or right, and running up or down would be faster on inclines than walking on flat ground, or abilities, such as McCree’s Combat Roll, would actually make the roll move slower on inclines than flat ground.

The acceleration changes make sideways velocity convert more efficiently when changing direction of movement, meaning your direction changes faster but your speed isn’t slowed down as much when doing so. This most noticeably affects Winston with his Rocket Jump and Pharah’s air movement.

Overwatch League outperforms the NFL, kind of. Technically.


On Wednesday Blizzard announced that over 10 million viewers watched opening week of the Overwatch League. ESPN reported that the peak concurrent viewer numbers were 437,000 during the Seoul Dynasty vs. Dallas Fuel match that night, with an average of 408,000 viewers per minute. To compare, the first livestream on Amazon for Thursday Night Football garnered 372,000 viewers per 30 seconds back in September. So it’s not the same day, it’s not even the same week, but it does help to show the popularity of the Overwatch League’s opening week to traditional sports on a digital medium.

Philadelphia Fusion’s Poko has incredible Self-Destruct placement.


On Twitter during Wednesday night’s games, CaptainPlanet tweeted that within three games, tank Poko had 41 Self-Destruct kills, with the next closest being LA Valiant’s Envy and Seoul Dynasty’s zunba tied at 11 up to that point. In explaining how, Poko said:

“I trained for hours in custom game to find the perfect angle and the perfect place to position myself so that the enemy is least likely to get away or he must commit and now it has become natural.”

A few examples may be found here, here, or watch a collection of them here

xQc not on Friday lineup after stream comments

The Dallas Fuel announced on Twitter that xQc would not be on Friday’s lineup after some recent comments made related to another OWL player. On his stream, xQc made some homophobic comments against Muma, an openly LGBT player, from the Houston Outlaws after Muma taunted him on-air.

After the tirade, xQc apologized to Muma, and Muma responded, apologizing for his on-air comments against the Canadian tank.

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Community Content of the Week

  • This Ultraviolet Tracer cosplay by @Haku_Mikiriyami is one of the coolest!

  • With the recent uproar about women in the Overwatch esports seen, one Redditor created a post with women through the OW esports world to follow.