PTR Changes for Mercy and Junkrat


While one of the changes to hit the PTR this week was quite welcomed, another has many of the community in an uproar. First up, Junkrat is getting a slight nerf to his output in that Concussion Mine damage falls off at about 1.5 meters from the device. This change slightly reduces the damage he can dish out to clusters of enemy heroes and basically anyone who isn’t standing right on top of the mine when it explodes.

Also on the PTR, Mercy’s Valkyrie ultimate has been toned down considerably, leading many to claim yet again, that it means the death of Mercy, though I suspect news of her demise is premature. Valkyrie has been changed so that casting it no longer resets the cooldown on Resurrection, Resurrection during her ult still has a cast timer, Mercy no longer gains extra speed in flight form, and its time has been reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.

It is important to note that PTR changes are not necessarily final, and in the post announcing the changes, Principal Designer Geoff Goodman added, “We will likely be iterating on these changes in the coming weeks.”

Developer Update


The Overwatch team wished a Happy New Year to the community in a Developer Update on Tuesday. In the video, Jeff Kaplan, refreshed after his 10 hour stream, recapped important events that happened in 2017, and talked about what’s upcoming for 2018. While details were scarce, he said hero 27 is far along, there are new maps in the works, new base items coming to loot boxes, and talks about evolving the in-game events for the new year, like Year of the Dog and changes coming to Uprising.

APEX Discontinued


OGN, the organization behind the popular Korean tournament series APEX, announced that the series is coming to an end. While they were preparing for season 5, in a post they described how the decision was made when Blizzard opted to go with another broadcast.

APEX is where we saw many superstar teams and players rise up and step into the Overwatch League, from Lunatic-Hai, to GC Busan and Cloud9 Kongdoo, and EnVyUs.

Shanghai Dragons Coach Fined Internally


Dragons Team Manager Van posted to Weibo stating that Coach U4 has been fined over $9000 for account sharing with multiple and speaking to future player prospects without the permission from the Dragons. All of the allegations were verified by U4, and by the Dragons and Blizzard in the case of account sharing, and by the Dragons and esports clubs in relation to the player prospects.

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