Overwatch Yule Log Event


On Sunday, the Overwatch Twitch account unexpectedly went live, surprising viewers with what turned out to be a 10 hour stream of Jeff Kaplan sitting in front of a fire. While he stayed silent for most of the event, there were a few random surprises, such as a mic boom falling on his head, Jeff opening a gift, and the reveal of our next in-game hero!

We won’t spoil the magic in how the entire stream was done, but here’s a link if you’d like to watch it all, or if you’d like to guess as to how it worked, you can find a clue here.

For all the highlights, a redditor compiled them all in a post for everyone.

Lore Fun


Lead Writer Michael Chu teamed up with WIRED to create a video that provide tidbits of lore or information behind character creation for all of the current heroes. While some of it is older information, there are some new things learned, such as Genji and Hanzo’s story was partially inspired by the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” we get more information on the Shambali monastery, and Chu talks about Sombra’s personality and role in Overwatch as a game compared to other heroes.

Notable News

This Week on Overbuff

  • Miko recapped of the first half of 2017’s Overwatch happenings, with part 2 coming soon!

Fan Content of the Week

  • This Overwatch-inspired Cairo map is incredible!