PTR updates


A few PTR patches rolled out this week that gave us some new and reflavored items to look forward to in the next major patch.

First, all players will be getting new Toast victory poses for Bastion and Sombra. Not appearing on the live servers until after Winter Wonderland, these are being awarded due to an internal Blizzard error where they were being shown in holiday promotional materials, but were not intended to come with the event, causing some confusion amongst the community.

Next, Casual Hanzo is getting a makeover. While he won’t be getting a brown leather jacket, nor will the dragon print on his pants be altered, he is trimming his sideburns and getting some hair dye to cover up the grey.

Path to Pro outlined


The Overwatch League posted this week the “Path to Pro” for 2018.

The first step is the Open Division, a six-week, no rank restriction competition that begins in January, where the top teams will be invited to Contenders Trials. Trials is a new tournament step just below Contenders, and is currently scheduled to begin in February.

As mentioned in previous weeks, Contenders has been expanded to seven regions. With that expansion comes invites for many teams in their respective regions. There are a number of familiar names from across the globe, such as Lunatic-Hai, Rogue, and Miraculous Youngster. Some of the organizations on the list have previously disbanded their rosters or left Overwatch, so will these invites see them return with new faces?

Finally, nine out of the twelve Overwatch League teams (absent are the Dallas Fuel, Los Angeles Valiant, and Seoul Dynasty), are creating Academy Teams to help develop new talent. The franchises were each given the option to field a team in the region of their choice, and the Academy Teams will also be getting invites to those regions’ Contenders league. The process for getting on one of these teams has yet to be revealed.

Notable News

  • Competitive Season 7 ends on Thursday, December 28!

  • A new comic called “Yeti Hunt,” starring Mei, was released, that follows her on the hunt.

  • Overwatch Lead Writer Michael Chu talked to WIRED magazine, providing some lore behind all the current heroes. There is some new and old information in here, so it’s definitely work a watch! Did you know that Hanzo and Genji’s story was inspired by the sushi documentary, “Jiro, Dreams of Sushi”?

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  • Hooley, dooley! This Beachrat cosplay is awesome!