Winter Wonderland


This week saw the release of the highly anticipated Winter Wonderland patch, where we got a new, seasonal game mode, seven new skins, and a number of other items. While most of the new items have players quite excited, Hanzo’s casual skin has left many feeling let down.

Over the course of the last year, hints had been dropped that we’d be getting his very popular outfit from the Reflections comic, a cool, brown coat on a Hanzo who had a sideshave and dark goatee. What we got was an “old” man with a grey goatee in a black jacket, wearing pants with a dragon pattern on his rear that looked like something else. While I like the skin, it’s definitely not what the community was excited for and we’ll see if Blizzard addresses it in any fashion. If anything, maybe next year we’ll get a recolor.

The new Mei’s Yeti Hunt is quite popular, especially with 6 friends playing together. Quick tip if you’re the yeti, do everything you can to avoid confined spaces, and watch for traps on the meat!

Finally, Doomfist received a number of fixes in this patch that addressed inconsistencies in how his Rocket Punch and Rising Uppercut affected enemies. While some issues remain, it’s great to see some of the most common problems fixed. Read the full patch notes here.

PTR: Zenyatta


A new PTR patch rolled out which saw a very popular change for Zenyatta—he can see the health of his orb targets! Appearing in the lower right, just above his ability timers, two hit point bars show the health of both his Orb of Harmony and Orb of Discord targets. If you can’t hop onto the PTR to check it out, see our clip here.

OWL Preseason


Since last Recall, we had the final two days of the Overwatch League Preseason. While there was nothing to “win,” most teams came out of the event looking pretty good. If any teams exceeded expectations, it was both the Houston Outlaws and Los Angeles Valiant. Needing more work are both the Shanghai Dragons and Boston Uprising, but they’re definitely not out of the game yet. Hopefully they’ll find what they need in the off-season before January 10.

How did your predictions go? We were 9-3 in picking winners, and 3-9 in getting the scores correct.

All of the preseason matches may be found on the Overwatch League Videos page.

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