OWL Preseason begins!


The Overwatch world has been abuzz about the launch of the Overwatch League Preseason! Games kicked off on Wednesday and have served as a showcase for teams to show off what they can do. It’s been exciting to watch, with surprise victories coming from a number of teams, particularly the San Francisco Shock, Los Angeles Gladiators, and Houston Outlaws.

Games will be played through Saturday, with losers of Wednesday’s and Thursday’s games playing Friday, and winners on Saturday. Both the Shock and Seoul Dynasty have been playing extra games to make up for Philadelphia Fusion’s absence, a team that couldn’t make it to the preseason due to logistical reasons, but will play when Season 1 begins on January 10.

You can watch here and below is a run-down of the schedule, or you can go to the OWL Schedule page to have it convert to your time automatically:

  • Day 3: 12:00 AM Saturday UTC (6:00 pm Friday US Central)

  • Day 4: 7:00 PM Saturday UTC (1:00 pm Saturday US Central)

League Tokens

Nate Nanzer, Commissioner of the Overwatch League, released a video this week introducing League Tokens, a new form of currency coming to Overwatch. This new in-game currency will be used to purchase OWL team skins for individual heroes so you can show your team pride while playing the game. Purchases will provide monetary support for those teams as well.

As a bonus, every Overwatch account will be given enough tokens to buy one skin right away. How much tokens will be or how much items will cost has yet to be revealed.

Winter Wonderland 2017


The Overwatch Twitter account teased an image of a Mei postcard with the text, “Who’s YETI to start a blizzard?” Soon after, a Developer Update detailing the return of the event came out, providing details on what to expect from this year’s holiday fun.

First up, we’re receiving legendary skins for Hanzo, Roadhog, and Junkrat. While no clues were given as to what the junker skins would be, he did say Hanzo’s skin would be a fan favorite from a comic. This is expected to be Hanzo’s Reflections skin from last year’s holiday comic. There are other legendaries coming, but there were no teasers to be had.

Hanamura and King’s Row will be returning in seasonal form, and adding to the holiday map pool will Black Forest, one of the arena maps. Black Forest will also ne a new option to play Mei’s Snowball Offensive on, in addition to Ecopoint: Antarctica.

A new mode seasonal mode is coming as well! Mei’s Yeti Hunt has 5 Mei players hunting down a yeti (Winston) on the Nepal Village map, where the 5 Meis try to find the yeti and kill it before it can find enough meat on the map to activate Primal Rage. Failing that, the Mei players have to escape to safety with the help of Ice Walls and Ice Traps (new mode ability) before they are eliminated.

In the video, Jeff announced that players will be able to queue for their preferred role, Winston or Mei, leading many to wonder if this is a test for a role queue for Quick Play or Competitive down the line.

Notable News

  • Ana players on console will be gaining a Friendly Aim Assist option in an upcoming patch. No word on when or which patch, but it’s on the way.

  • Overwatch murals have appeared in 9 cities across North America, advertising the game with massive portraits of some of the game’s more popular heroes.

  • Much like Doomfist, Genji, and Widowmaker, players compiled a list of Sombra bugs. While the OW team is looking into them, Jeff came back to say a number of them had already been fixed.

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