Moira has proven herself to be quite the powerful healer, and a favorite among players. Between those who just want to try her out, and those to whom her kit just sort of “clicks,” her pick rate has remained fairly high. In fact, her pick rate is above 9% across every almost tier of play except Grandmaster, where she sits at much lower 5.79%.


For comparison, Mercy is fairly consistent at 12% across the board.


With pick rates like these, you’re almost guaranteed to see Moira in any given match, and you’re going to need to know how to deal with her. As with any piece of Overwatch advice, every situation is different and some tips may be more useful at different ranks than others, so it’s important to take everything, including your own playstyle, into account.

First we’ll look at a general tactics, and then take a look at some mistakes Moira players make that you can exploit.

“I draw power from you.”


To be an effective healer against sustained or burst damage, Moira players need to make sure they’re not only healing, but doing damage with Biotic Grasp in order to keep her resources plentiful. So what’s a great way to keep her struggling? Barriers! Keep her grasping for a hole in your defenses to make her nearly useless.

Much like Symmetra, Moira is weak against ranged fights and getting right in her face. If she is causing troubles, typically at chokepoints, a well-placed sniper or rocket will remove her from the equation and give you an opening. Should she be chasing you down, turn around and get right in her face to force her to panic and she attempts to lock onto you. This tactic is a bit riskier, especially in cramped quarters due to her Biotic Orb, but it’s an effective technique that either kills her or forces her to Fade away.

“The power of destruction!”


Moira players are quite aggressive with their damaging Biotic Orb, spamming it whenever it’s off cooldown to either begin engagements or just keep the enemy team on their toes. It makes sense because it’s a low-risk benefit that almost always helps her team, especially in lower tiers of play.

Being that it’s a projectile, D.Va’s Defensive Matrix is the perfect counter with just a simple tap that will save your squishy allies from that suckball of doom. With how quickly Moira can build ultimate charge, delaying it by denying her this damage is very important, even if it’s only by a few seconds.

While it may not come up often, Genji is able to use his Deflect to turn the orb back on Moira and her team and it feels awesome! It can be just the surprise that’s needed to scatter the enemy team or allow him to turn the tables on a Moira that’s harassing him.


After playing against a number of Moira players, you’ll begin to see patterns in how they fight. Watch them carefully to catch them making a few of these common mistakes to exploit:

Fade misuse - Fade is Moira’s only escape mechanism, and yet it’s common to see players misuse it in combat to either just get around, chase someone they shouldn’t, or even begin engagements with it. Watch for this mishandling and punish it!

Painting the town yellow - Moira’s heal spray is strong while she’s using it, but since it actually has a small heal over time benefit as well, she doesn’t need to hold the heal unless she’s in combat or restoring a very weak ally. If you see a Moira overdoing it with her spray and excessively topping players off, that is your opportunity to engage the fight while she’s drained of some resources.

Dive - If your enemy’s comp is made up of mostly dive heroes or heroes that encourage spreading out, Moira is a very inefficient pick for her team. In these situations she is a great target to pick off, so punish them for using her. On the other hand, you could leave her for last, making her feel like she’s still being useful and doesn’t switch off.

DPS Moira - Moira is very good at finishing off enemies with both the range on Biotic Grasp or a damaging Biotic Orb bouncing around hallways. That’s great, and some of it is necessary to keep her healing meter up, however if the enemy Moira seems to be focusing more on being a DPS player instead of healing, that leaves her team in a rough position for you to capitalize on. Destroy Moira since she’s already not healing, and her team will have little support backup.

“I will unmake you.”


There you have it, a short primer on how to handle engagements with Moira on the enemy team. If you have any tips to help fight her, hit us up on Overbuff or reach out to Miko and we may even add them!

Additionally, making guides like this is new kind of content for Overbuff. Should we keep it up? Do you have ideas for something else? While we have plenty of thoughts on what we’re going to work on already, we’re happy to hear from you! Don’t forget that we’re also hiring a paid content creator! Write to with samples and your portfolio!