Doomfist? More like Boomfist after these fixes!


Last week we reported on a list of Doomfist bugs compiled by the community that included descriptions and video evidence of said bugs. In response, Lead Engineer Bill Warnecke had said Blizzard would investigate the matters this week, and they’ve held true to their word! A number of fixes have already been pushed out onto the PTR, with more on the way. Keep up with the changes here and log into the PTR to try them for yourself!

After the great response from Blizzard, new bug threads have popped up for Widowmaker and Genji with more detailed analysis. Overwatch Social Media guru, Griffin, offered much praise for the work and effort.

PTR and Live Patches


As previously mentioned, an update rolled out onto the PTR that started a number of fixes for Doomfist. What went unsaid was that Mercy’s Resurrection received a change as well, though we haven’t received word on if it was intentional because as of this writing, it hasn’t in any patch note. When casting Resurrection, a player may cancel it by turning around from their target. She’s also able to switch her target mid-cast and finish it on someone else within range if she’s quick enough. You can see videos we created showing these in action both here and here.

On the live servers, a small patch was released that gave Moira some new ultimate voice lines in Latin American Spanish settings, a bug was fixed that allowed Moira’s Biotic Orb to go through some objects, and in matchmaking, they decreased the range of Skill Rating between players on the same team. There is no word on what exactly that range actually is.

OWL player suspended


The Overwatch League released a statement that SADO, tank player for the Philadelphia Fusion, was suspended this week after he was caught participating in account-boosting schemes, being paid to help increase another user’s SR. As punishment, he will miss the entire preseason and the first 30 matches of season 1 of the Overwatch League.

CaptainPlanet joins some company named Blizzard


This week CaptainPlanet made a questionable decision and left Overbuff to work at some place called Blizzard, leaving me with huge shoes to fill. Thanks, buddy!

In all seriousness, Ben will be missed here as he joins Blizzard as the Live Stats Producer for the Overwatch League, and we couldn’t be more proud of him. He came on board to share his pro meta and hero tier reports, went on to help create Around the Watch, and was an all around awesome person and friend. The power is yours! <3

You can read his farewell here.

With CaptainPlanet’s departure, we are looking for another content producer, and it doesn’t have to be meta reports! If you’re into Overwatch strategy, either professional or comp, a general Overwatch writer, or already create content about the game, send samples and portfolios to Oh yeah, did I mention this is a paid position?

Streaming Moment of the Week

Micki takes over for xQC