Moira now in Competitive Play


After a week of being able to play as her in Quick Play and Arcade modes, Moira is now available for competitive play! Remember that while she can do damage, she is primarily a healer. ;) That said, Moira sure has been getting a lot of Plays of the Game lately in any match I’m in!

There was concern this week after Moira received a change on the PTR that had not been mentioned in patch notes: Biotic Grasp’s beam that drains life out of her enemies had a dramatically shorter range to which it would lock on. After community discussion and videos showing the change in action were created, Blizzard released a statement that the change was unintended and occurred after they were making some improvements to the beam’s functionality and it should now be fixed.

New map on the PTR


On Monday, the newest hybrid map, Blizzard World was released onto the PTR for testing. This new map takes place in a fictional theme park built around Blizzard’s various properties, from Warcraft to Heroes of the Storm and even Lost Vikings! Unfortunately there is no sign of Rock n’ Roll Racing. Attackers will assault Stormwind to take the payload, Leoric’s crown, make their way across the Pylon Terrace, and finally break into the catacombs of Leoric’s Castle.

Throughout the map are references and easter eggs galore, along with amusing quips from the theme park announcers. Check out Snaxxramas for some Death Wings, beat up Protoss Probes as they buzz about, and try to beat Sombra’s high score in Murky Ball at the Heroes Arcade.

Pro player received temporary suspension


Live on stream, Dallas Fuel tank, xQc, received a 3-day suspension after repeatedly abusing the in-game report system by spamming and filling reports with profanities (NSFW example. After the incident, Dallas Fuel released a statement from xQc about the incident. The feisty tank has since returned to streaming and has either reformed or “reformed.”

The action sparked discussions on why other streamers haven’t been banned for doing the same thing, whether the reporting system is actually useful, and if pro players should be held to a higher standard in their behavior.

Doomfist is buggy


Doomfist came out months ago, and in that time, players have reported numerous bugs that have yet to be fixed. One player recently went out and documented 18 such bugs with video evidence to provide examples. The bugs range from Rocket Punch going through enemies, enemies not taking damage from being knocked into the wall, Rising Uppercut not working correctly, and Doomfist’s Meteor Strike ultimate getting caught on ledges that can’t actually be stood upon.

Addressing the concerns, Bill Warnecke, Lead Engineer, was appreciative of the work that went into collecting the videos and reports, and stated the team will be looking into Doomfist in the coming week after the American holiday.

Notable News

  • Overwatch is 50% off for Black Friday. You can also upgrade to the Game of the Year Edition (skins for Bastion, Pharah, Soldier: 76, Reaper, and Tracer) for $10.

  • The Annual Finals of the Nexus Cup, a Chinese tournament, revealed the teams for the group stage on November 30. Korean English

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