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00:00:30 Welcome Scott Tester aka Bearhands!

00:01:45 Bearhands’ responsibilities when he was at Blizzard

00:05:45 How did Bearhands join Excelsior?

00:11:30 How did Excelsior decide to bring on Luxurywatch Blue?

00:14:45 Bearhands on South American teams

00:17:00 Discussing the make-up of Excelsior’s lineup

00:19:20 What has LW Blue been doing in the gap between dropping out of Apex Season 4 and OWL’s start?

00:21:20 What is Bearhands’ day to day as GM?

00:25:00 Who does NYXL want to play against most in OWL?

00:28:30 Discussing NYXL branding and OWL branding in general

00:40:30 Discussing the NYXL visa process

00:47:00 Discussing NYXL’s contenders team

00:54:00 Listener questions

00:54:30 Thoughts on locally organized fan meetups and events in NY?

00:56:30 Discussing the NYXL’s website design

00:57:00 Will NYXL branch out into other esports?

00:57:30 Will NYXL sell >XL size t shirts?

00:58:00 Will the players of NYXL be streaming regularly?

00:59:30 Who is an underrated OWL player on another team that people are sleeping on?

01:03:00 Have NYXL players begun to learn english?

01:06:00 What will NYXL do with the contenders players they sign?

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