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Moira is here! In just under two weeks since her reveal at BlizzCon, the newest support has arrived to the live servers. The Talon scientist can steal the life energy out of her enemies and use it to heal her allies with it. For the first week that she’s live, she won’t be usable in competitive mode to allow the community to learn how to use her and fight against her.

Hero changes in this patch include a shield health meter for Winston, a slight damage increase for Ana, and the latest change for Mercy’s Resurrection, a short cast timer and the ability for it to be stunned. While in Valkyrie form, the cast timer is removed.

Spectator mode also saw a number of improvements, Grandmaster players may now only queue with friends that are within 250 SR, and the Arcade now has a game mode that changes daily.

View the full patch notes here.

INTERNETHULK memorialized in many ways.

The Overwatch community shared their memories and tributes to Dennis “INTERNETHULK” Hawelka, who passed away last week, online via the #HulkTastic tag. The HulkTastic Cup was held last Saturday with a number of classic teams returning, such as Arc6, and even a Blizzard team participating, along with a flurry of casters and community members from all over the Overwatch world. A fundraiser was set up to help Hulk’s family with expenses, and any excess funds will go to a children’s charity.

The Overwatch League created a seasonal award, The Dennis Hawelka Award, which will go to the player with the most positive impact in the community that season, and on Eichenwalde, players discovered a new tribute:


One-tricking a hero is NOT a bannable offense.

Last week the community was in an uproar due to the perception that players were getting banned for being “one-tricks,” meaning they only ever play one hero. The worry came up after a one such player went to the official Overwatch forums to complain about receiving a ban where the Overwatch Community Manager was a bit light on the details for the action, making it seem like the player was banned for only ever playing one hero. Upon further inspection, it was revealed by Blizzard that the player was choosing their hero and deliberately doing so in a way to not benefit their teammates. In this case, they were sitting in spawn.

One-tricking is looked down upon by some in the community, because it’s felt that the other 5 players are forced to work around that player, rather than the group coming together naturally. Whether it’s a good, bad, or irrelevant thing has led to many, many, MANY discussions.

Notable News

  • The Overwatch free weekend is back! Between November 17 at 11:00 a.m. PT and end on November 20 at 11:59 p.m. PT, get your friends to play Overwatch and show them their Overbuff profile!

  • If your friends like it, Overwatch is half off until November 27!

  • JINX has new hoodies coming for Mercy, Junkrat, and Soldier: 76. Mashable has the previews.

  • The Reinhardt cinematic, “Honor and Glory” received the Director’s Commentary treatment.

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