Season 6 ending and season 7 begins Tuesday


On Saturday, 5pm Pacific Time US (12am Sunday GMT), season 6 comes to a close. This season will be remembered as the first 2-month season and when control maps moved to a best of 3 contest. Noteworthy events during the past two months include: Junkertown’s release, Junkrat’s buff, D.Va’s Defense Matrix nerf and addition of Micro Missiles, and the trials and tribulations of Mercy’s rework.

Season 7 begins on the evening of Tuesday, October 31 (5pm Pacific Time US (12am Wednesday GMT). As of this writing, no news on changes for the season have been revealed, but we’ll add them right here if they should be announced in a timely manner.


Spamming voice emotes means a ban?

Our Twitter erupted this week when we shared a post by Principal Designer Scott Mercer, saying, ”…if you spam character voice lines in a way that is either disruptive or would be considered harassment, then you could be actioned.” The outcry consisted of “good bye Genji and your need for healing” to not understanding how it could be a bad thing.

The misunderstanding from the community is that many thought it the statement applies to any spamming, when that is not the case. The action would occur against players who are spamming to the point of being disruptive to their team and harassing, as was in the case of this player.

A few players did have a useful suggestion though, allow users to mute voice lines.

Jeff Kaplan addresses 3 major community topics


In a forum post, Director Jeff Kaplan briefly touched upon three, currently major topics in the community right now: Mercy’s Resurrection, matchmaking in competitive mode, and toxicity.

Details were scarce on all three subjects, but the Overwatch team feels Mercy is too dominant right now thanks to her Resurrection and said we should expect a toned-down version of the ability to be on the PTR soon. When it comes to matchmaking, no details were given but they are looking at problems and perceived problems, and with regards to toxicity, Jeff encourages to keep reporting troublemakers because he swears they look at all reports. They are also looking at building out a notification in-game when an action occurs due to a report you filed.

Developer Update & PTR changes


Watching Overwatch esports was the topic of the most recent Developer Update, specifically changes that have been made to improve the experience for casters, observers, and viewers at home. This video follows an update to the PTR that included a number of changes to the spectator mode.

In the Overwatch League, all teams will have home and away colors, or palettes, just like is done in traditional sports, and not necessarily just red team and blue team. This means the character appearance and the appearance of their weapons fire and abilities will all use a similar color scheme to make them more identifiable. We’ll even get to see this in action at BlizzCon during the World Cup!

Casters and observers will have access to a top-down map of the match that shows a number of things to keep them better informed about what’s happening. In the video it’s specifically mentioned this map view is for observers and casters, but Jeff suggested it’s possible for casters to broadcast the map in some manner.

A new 3rd-person smart camera has been created that can automatically follow the action, and if a caster should miss a great play or if they just want to see the moment again, they can click on the event in the killfeed and they’ll instantly get a replay of the action.

A few of the new observer changes can currently be seen on the PTR, such as easier to read player ultimate charges, and the new buff/debuff display.

Also on the PTR, Winston’s Barrier Projector now provides Winston with a graphic to show how much health it has, similar to that of Reinhardt’s and Orisa’s.

Notable News

  • This week saw the name and color reveals of the Los Angeles Valiant, Boston Uprising, and Seoul Dynasty. Boston also revealed their roster.

  • Dallas Fuel revealed support player Custaa as their first player.

  • Halloween Terror ends on Thursday, November 2. Make sure you have everything you want by Tuesday or Wednesday to be safe!

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