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00:00:20 Welcome special guests, Jamerson and Jason Kaplan!

00:01:30 Talking about the accomodations provided by Banana Culture for the event

00:08:30 Discussing the venue

00:13:00 Discussing the hometown audience

00:19:00 What’s up with the Tier 2 regional breakdown (Tier 2 KR > Tier 2 CN > Tier 2 NA)

00:23:00 Mercy’s effect on the matches and the teams who received byes (GC Busan, Runaway, etc)

00:28:00 Who will give the bye teams the most trouble?

00:30:00 Ressurect value theorycrafting

00:39:00 Do the Mercy changes affect the viewing experience of the game?

00:43:30 Junkertown strategy, what works on what points?

00:48:00 King’s Row, the comeback map?

00:51:15 Why did Mercy replace Lucio and not Zenyatta?

00:59:00 Listener Questions

01:00:45 Do we want to see more international competition?

01:2:45 Will Runaway and GC Busan stay in Apex or get picked up for OWL?

01:13:00 Discussing China’s ability to adapt or fear or adaptation

01:17:00 Discussing the South American scene

01:18:00 Do we think an open circuit will help improve infrastruction/path to pro?

01:25:15 What do we want to see from the Overwatch team at BlizzCon?

01:30:30 What do we want to change about Mercy, and are we getting closer to a well-balanced game?

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