Mercy concept art

In The Art of Overwatch, available on Tuesday, October 24, a fountain of concept work can be seen that didn’t make the cut in the final game. One such piece that has taken the community by storm is one for Mercy, who could have looked entirely different. Instead of the white, blonde woman we have now, Mercy could have been dark-skinned, white-haired man! A search on Twitter reveals many great works of fanart. (Below image source: @Adulture)


San Francisco Shock


The latest Overwatch League team name to be revealed is the San Francisco Shock! Sporting an orange and yellow color scheme, Doomfist was chosen to fly the Shock colors. The name and seismic wave graphic are based off the city’s history with earthquakes, but the wave is also meant to represent the Golden Gate Bridge. The San Francisco Shock join the Shanghai Dragons and Dallas Fuel as the first teams to officially have a name, with nine teams remaining.

Mercy and Lucio changes


Last week’s PTR changes for Mercy and Lucio were released to the live servers this week! Previously, if timed right, players could get three to four casts of Resurrection in just over 30 seconds because using Valkyrie would reset the cooldown of Resurrection. With the new changes, that is no more.

In this patch, the cooldown on Resurrection no longer resets when using Valkyrie, but she does gain one bonus charge of the ability at her disposal. Additionally, Resurrection no longer resets the cooldown on Guardian Angel, making it more of a risk to Mercy players if they try to resurrect someone who died in a very dangerous area. This last change is actually something Miko suggested a few weeks ago.

The final change or Mercy in the patch is that pressing jump when near the target of your Guardian Angel allows her to slingshot a bit beyond her target. This is intended to bring back the fun of the massive amounts of momentum Mercy was able to hold onto when her ultimate rework went live. Redditor andygmb was able to capture the slingshot effect in action.

Also in the latest patch, Lucio gets a larger speed boost when leaping from a Wall Ride.

Mini Junkenstein comic introduces the mode’s new cast


The new Limitless Mode of Junkenstein’s Revenge allows players to choose Torbjorn, Widowmaker, Genji, and Zenyatta to defend the castle’s walls, and the new comic introduces these new heroes into the story. Read about why the Viking, the Countess, the Monk, and the Swordsman all journeyed to help the Lord of Adlersbrunn.

Notable News

  • The cutest High Noon from APAC.

  • Overwatch has reached 35 million players!

  • Carpe of FaZe Clan placed highest in the world at 2818 SR.

  • Player TwoEasy, mostly recently of Tempo Storm, has retired (temporarily?) from Overwatch.

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