Halloween Terror 2017


Halloween is here and that means new costumes for our heroes and the return of Junkenstein’s Revenge! Eight heroes received new skins, including Corsair Ana and the totally outrageous Totally 80s Zarya. If you’re after some of last year’s skins, they are available at a reduced price, similar to what was done for the older Summer Games skins.

This year’s Junkenstein’s Revenge plays the same as last year, however they added a new boss, SymmetraThe Summoner, which uses Symmetra’s new Dragon skin. Also new this year is the addition of Endless Mode, which tasks players to clear increasingly more difficult waves of zomnics and bosses until they can no longer keep up. Endless Mode allows players to choose from either the four main heroes or Widowmaker, Torbjorn, Genji, and Zenyatta. Finally, custom games of Revenge may also be created, which allows any hero to be used, but may also be set up for amusing moments such as the machine gun High Noon.

When playing Ana, be sure you’re doing more than healing allies who are at full health. The inactivity timer does not reset for her unless you’re shooting enemies and weakened allies, causing some players to report that they’ve been kicked out of games.

Finally, the official Overwatch Twitter accounts are asking for your best Boss Intro photobombs, such as the below by Redditor cryolegionnaire.


Contenders Season 1 Finals


Congratulations to Team Gigantti and EnVyUs for winning Contenders Season One!

On Saturday Team Gigantti made quick work of 123, but Cloud9 looked like they had a chance at moving to the finals, even after they pulled a C9 on map 4, before falling to Misfits 2-3. Over in NA, EnVyUs steamrolled FNRGFE with moves such as this one by Taimou’s Junkrat on map 2, and EnVision started off strong, but fell to FaZe Clan 1-3.

In the final maps, Gigantti defeated Misfits 4-3 in a match-up that was neck-and-neck, even into the final moments, when Linkzr pulled off this much-needed clutch move on the last map. For NA, EnVyUs made it look easy when they won 4-0 against FaZe Clan. To restate how CaptainPlanet put it, Gigantti won with teamwork, ultimate management, and clutch plays, EnVyUs won psychological and strategic warfare.

Also special about this event is that they showcased their newest member, Seagull, and it is the last one for EnVyUs under the EnVyUs name, at least for this roster. After this point they will be playing as the Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League.

PTR This Week


Remember that PTR changes are not final.

Mercy received some more changes to test out on the PTR this week. While the high momentum from using Guardian Angel has been removed, players are able to “slingshot” by pressing jump at just the right time, which will give her a small boost. Second, casting Resurrection no longer resets the cooldown on Guardian Angel, which makes it riskier for Mercy players to dive into bad situations for a rez. Finally, her Valkyrie no longer doubles the range of Resurrection, but when the ultimate is cast, she also gains one bonus Resurrection that goes away at the end of the ultimate if unused. (Thank you @DaySlaya for noticing the omission of this last change.)

Lucio is receiving a fix for a bug that allows him to gain an unintentional and substantial speed boost from Wall Jumping, but the boost he’s supposed to get is getting a small increase.

Notable News

  • Join the Overbuff Discord and our small, but growing community!

  • The BlizzCon 2017 skin this year goes to Winston! Get yours by attending BlizzCon or purchasing the Virtual Ticket.

  • RunAway and GC Busan are moving to the Season 5 APEX finals which will be played on Saturday, October 21.

  • Rogue disbanded to allow their players to seek OWL teams after failing to secure an OWL spot themselves.

  • Republic of Korea Army is hosting an OW tournament consisting of teams from different divisions of the military.

  • Blizzard/NetEase have filed a lawsuit against the makers of Heroes of Warfare for copyright infringement. The similarities to Overwatch are unremarkibly astounding.

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