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00:00:30 Welcome, Sleepy and Super of SF Overwatch!

00:02:30 Discussing the NRG team house

00:05:00 The path to OWL

00:08:30 Super’s transition to flex

00:13:30 Talking SF Overwatch and what Contenders teams they’ve scrimmed

00:15:15 Sleepy’s path to NRG/SF

00:19:00 Discussing Super’s age

00:22:30 Who will win Contenders?

00:26:00 CaptainPlanet and Pesto debate how to fix Contenders Season 2

00:28:00 Will OWL teams pick up players mid season?

00:30:15 Discussion on OWL team names / logos

00:35:15 Discussing how to do “home” vs “away” in OWL

00:39:15 How should the OWL format be set up?

00:45:00 Listener Questions

00:45:15 What else besides skill were the coaches looking for during tryouts?

00:46:35 Is Super related to Babybay?

00:47:00 Did NRG ask Zombs before trolling him?

00:47:30 Who would you add to the Dallas Fuel to improve them?

00:50:00 Will we see a lot of subs switching in and out in OWL?

00:51:30 Have Super and Sleepy met Ice_Poseidon?

00:52:00 Are Misfits and Gigantti as good as FaZe and EnVy?

00:53:00 How are team SFs scrims vs EnVy going?

00:54:00 Will Dafran be in OWL?

00:54:10 Who would win in a naked wrestling fight, amongst the SF Overwatch team?

00:56:00 Do you all scrim in the same voice call?

00:57:30 Are any of the other OWL teams fully signed?

00:58:30 What is SF’s best team-building activity?

00:59:00 What does Sleepy think about Fahzix?

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