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00:00:00 Welcome….FNRGFE minus Buds!

00:02:00 The story of FNRGFE’s birth

00:04:30 Did FNRGFE expect to make it through Season 0 Contenders?

00:07:45 Did FNRGFE change their approach from Season 0 to Season 1?

00:09:00 Was FNRGFE dealing with OWL tryouts throughout Contenders Season 1?

00:11:30 Talking about the Renegades match

00:18:00 Are there any things that FNRGFE are still figuring out about patch 1.14?

00:25:00 Who is FNRGFE scrimming against for playoffs?

00:26:30 How good is this NRG team?

00:33:00 How is D.Va going to be played moving forward (patch 1.15 onwards)

00:35:30 CaptainPlanet tries very awkwardly to get Muma and Coolmatt to talk about OpTic

00:38:00 What roles would you build an OWL roster around first?

00:45:00 How does playing in a country that is not your own affect your play in Overwatch?

00:50:00 Listener Questions!

00:50:15 What is the origin of FNRGFE’s logo?

00:50:45 Talk to us about the Bug Soup

00:51:30 What is the true story with Matt and Ranch Dressing?

00:52:45 How was Tip of the Hats for those who went?

00:53:30 Will Coolmatt ever remove the 69 from his name?

00:54:00 How will FNRGFE perform against FaZe (already assuming they’ll beat EnVy)

00:55:00 Do we expect most of the OWL teams to announce their rosters soon? Or closer to the deadline?

00:56:00 Did any of the FNRGFE players try out for NRG?

00:57:00 Will Contenders be a viable option for players not in OWL?

01:01:45 What are our predictions for OWL team names?

01:04:00 Will teams be picked up as full teams or individual players?

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