Search no more, we have a new Zarya comic!


The long-awaited Zarya comic came out this week, which has her searching for Sombra after the attack at Volskaya Industries. The sequel to Infiltration takes her from Lijiang Tower to Hanamura, London to Numbani, and Dorado, Mexico as she tries to find the infamous hacker. Along the way she meets someone who becomes an unlikely ally to our hero, someone who represents everything she hates after what happened at home.

Nicole Carpenter of Dot Esports covered a number of details that are easy to miss in Searching, such as Sombra’s real name, the first gender-neutral character (that we know of) in the Overwatch universe, a slightly older Alejandra from 76’s Hero short, Efi and Orisa in the background of Numbani, and something big is coming “soon.”

You may also download the PDF from Blizzard here.

First OWL roster and first OWL team name


NRG announced its Overwatch League roster, the first team to do so. In the Twitter reveal event, investors Shaq and Jennifer Lopez used some of their star power to help promote the team. The killer line-up consists of dhaK and sleepy as support, Nomy and super as tanks, and Babybay, iddqd, Danteh, and Sinatraa in DPS roles.

The first official team name was also revealed by the Overwatch League, the Shanghai Dragons! In the announcement, we see the Shanghai Dragons logo, a dragon both in the shape of an S and a shield, and shows Mei leaning on Snowball while wearing the Dragons colors. While it’s not confirmed, it appears that we may actually have team branding within the game itself. Will we be able to buy skins to support our favorite teams?

Kaplan addresses dev team size and proper feedback


In a long post responding to a thread asking if the Overwatch dev team was too small, he stated that team consists of over 100 developers who pour their heart and soul into the game every hour and day of the year. He added that the team is far from perfect, that they are highly critical of their own work, and have no shortage of ideas on improvements that could be made to Overwatch.

The team is allowed to speak on the forums, but few do because of the intensity that doing so has, especially since they post with their real names. One slight miswording or promise could, and has, led to angry forum posts, emails, and even personal phone calls on private numbers to them or their bosses, asking for the developer to be fired. While Blizzard tries to be open and transparent, sometimes they can’t respond to everything. The best kind of feedback is constructive and open feedback.

Read the entire post here.

Contenders Season 1 playoff teams


This past weekend was the final weekend for the normal season of Contenders and now we head off into the playoffs! Coming out ahead in North America were EnVyUs (7-0), FaZe Clan (6-1), EnVision (4-3), and FNRGFE (4-3). Representing the top in Europe are Misfits (7-0), Team Gigantti (6-1), 123 (5-2), and Cloud9 (4-3).

Next weekend it’ll be EnVyUs vs. FNRGFE and FaZe Clan vs. EnVision for NA, and in the EU, facing off will be Misfits vs. Cloud9 and Team Gigantti.

Not reaching the playoffs are Rogue (3-4), Immortals (2-5), Kungarna (2-5), Detroit Renegades (0-7) in North America, and for EU, GamersOrigin (3-4), Singularity (2-5), eUnited (1-6) and Bazooka Puppiez (0-7).

Once the winners in each region are determined, there will be a show match to find out which of the regions has the best team.

Notable News

  • Don’t forget to join the Overbuff Discord!

  • A week since its release, Junkertown became available in Competitive Mode on Tuesday.

  • A major bug affecting a small number of players was discovered that dropped player SR dramatically and/or banned them as the game tried and failed to find games for affected players. Kaplan discussed a fix coming and players banned due to it would be unbanned.

  • The next set of the Cute But Deadly blind box toys comes out October 10.

Roster Updates

  • Seagull joined EnVyUs with an exciting announcement on Twitter, and a more comedic announcement moments before.

  • Bazooka Puppiez disbanded after a poor performance in Contenders. The announcement discusses that they were not able to get it together as a team, but hope that it does not affect any potential OWL placements.

This Week on Overbuff

  • Captain Planet discussed what’s up with Junkrat and Doomfist in this week’s Meta Report.