Junkertown Is Here


The Junkertown patch was released this week which included the new map, as well as Mercy’s rework and changes for D.Va and Reinhardt. Mercy’s old ultimate of being able to Resurrect players was removed and changed to a 30 second ability, and she was given a new ultimate, Valkyrie, that grants her flying, a chain heal/boost beam, infinite ammo on her blaster, and a shorter cooldown on Resurrect.

Reaction to the change has been mixed. Players tend to appreciate the loss of full team rezzes, but unless the enemy Mercy is killed first, she can now effectively “undo” a major pick off the enemy team every push. While it’s extremely situational, remember that she cannot cast Resurrect through shields!

Also in the patch, D.Va can now shoot her Fusion Cannons while boosting, her Defensive Matrix’s uptime was reduced in half, and her mech gained Micro Missiles to help her finish off runners. Reinhardt players are now able to move the camera for greater visibility while they hold out their shield. The Oni Genji and Winged Victory Mercy skins were also temporarily disabled due to issues with new ultimate voice lines on the heroes. As of this writing, this has been fixed on PC and the console fix is incoming soon.

Overbuff Discord


Overbuff has started a Discord server! Meet new players, discuss tournaments, and catch up with the latest Overwatch news as it happens. We’ve set up LFG channels, scrim channels, and a place to share your own community content. Check it out here!

Before you ask, we are looking into a Overbuff Bot for personal servers, but we have no timeline on this to give right now.

Cloud9 acquires Kongdoo Panthera roster


Cloud9 announced that they have acquired the Kongdoo Panthera roster! The new team will be known as Cloud9 Kongdoo and it’s rumored that they will represent London in the Overwatch League, where at that time the team will be renamed again to fit with OWL naming guidelines.

Currently leading their group at 2-0, Cloud9 Kongdoo will complete APEX Season 4 before moving on. Panthera faced off against Lunatic-Hai in the Season 3 finals, bring tough competition as the series went to all seven maps, with Lunatic-Hai ultimately winning.

Overwatch League inaugural season date, final three teams, revealed


Last week we reported rumors about Philadelphia and Houston picked up as new franchises, and this week it was made official, along with Dallas, who will be represented by EnVyUs. As of yet, little is known about who will represent Philadelphia or Houston.

The preseason for the Overwatch League begins on December 6, 2017 at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, and the first season begins about a month later and runs from January 10, 2018 through June.

Notable News

  • The Free Weekend began on PC and consoles. Get your friends to download Overwatch and show them how to check their Overbuff profiles! Our guide to introducing Overwatch to your friends may be found below.

  • Blizzard is seeking broadcasters for future programming.

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