The free weekend for Overwatch is here and we’ve got a few tips for newbies, or tips to help introduce your newbie friends, to the game without overloading them for their first few matches. After that, they’re in your capable hands!

Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here!

Overwatch has introduced many to the first-person shooter (FPS) genre with its wide range of diverse characters and playstyles, and it’s hard to know how quickly someone will take to it. If you’re introducing someone to Overwatch, remember to start off slow and be patient, particularly if your friend isn’t used to FPS games.

If you or your friend has no experience with these types of games, make sure to play through the tutorial. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete, and it gives players a chance to try one of the main heroes and to understand the core mechanics of Overwatch. If you’re an FPS pro, completely skip this and head into a game!


The Objective is Mine!

At heart, Overwatch is objective-based with everyone on your team working towards the same goals, which are capturing a point or moving/stopping a payload. For this reason, we suggest entering Quick Play before anything else to help drive that point home. It’s tempting to dive into Deathmatch, but without knowing the heroes and abilities, it’ll be daunting to die to things you didn’t even know were possible!

In most game modes, objectives are far more important than kills. Overwatch is different from many similar games because racking up the most eliminations doesn’t necessarily mean success. Focusing purely on killing enemy players may be detrimental if you’re not focusing on the team’s goals. Of course taking out the enemy team is one of the key factors of success, but kills will come from working together.

Sticking together as a team is also important in Overwatch. If you’re from other games where you’re used to winning 1v6 battles, you’re going to struggle here. As a new player, you’re not only not going to know the maps yet, and won’t know what kind of fight you’re getting into should you wander off on your own. There is a role for flankers, but this should wait until one has a few games under their belt before attempting.


Hero Selection

Out of all the heroes, there are definitely some that cater more towards new players. We suggest trying one of these heroes on for size for a few games before experimenting with others. Once the basics are down, jump into Mystery Heroes to get an easy, and usually fun, revolving door of characters to try.

Remember, these suggestions for the first few matches as one gets acclimated to the game. After getting your feet wet, try some others out!

Attack/Defense (a.k.a. DPS)

Soldier: 76: With being able to dash and heal himself, Soldier: 76 is similar to almost any generic FPS hero that an experienced friend may know. Brand new players who went through the tutorial will already have a taste of what he’s like, so starting with him is a no-brainer. With an ultimate ability that is basically an aimbot, you can’t go wrong.

Junkrat: Lobbing grenades and setting traps with mines is a joy, even when it doesn’t quite work out. Plus, if you find yourself out of place and die, there’s a decent chance you’ll take out the person who killed you with your Total Mayhem ability that automatically drops a bunch of bombs at your feet upon hitting 0HP.


Lucio: Stand next to your friend to heal them, it’s as simple as that. Get into trouble? Change the music to speed up and get out of there! After a few uses, you’ll probably get the hang of hitting Sound Barrier, which at this skill level is once a bunch of enemies are attacking at once. Nothing to do while you wait for the enemy team to find you? Try hopping against the wall and see how far you can Wall Ride.

Mercy: Similar to Lucio, Mercy stands next to heroes and heals them with a beam from her staff. Nothing to heal? Right-click your friend and you’ll increase their damage. Should your friend die, you’ll be able to quickly bring them back with Resurrection! Her ultimate ability allows Mercy to fly, turn her heal beam into a chain heal, and she can use Resurrection more for the duration.


Probably one of the more difficult roles to get into as a player completely new to Overwatch, but it’s still possible to jump in and enjoy.

Orisa: Orisa can plop a shield down in front of herself (and her allies), she has a rapid-fire gun, and she can fortify herself against incoming damage for a short period of time. Her ultimate is really good when your team gets to stand in one place because she places a device on the ground that boosts your team’s damage if they stand near.


Match Complete

You’ve played Quick Play, you’ve tried new heroes in Mystery Heroes, now give Deathmatch a try! Go at it alone or try Team Deathmatch, where you’ll face off against others in a fight to be the first to get 20 eliminations. It’s a fun, light-hearted mode where you’ll get to practice your aiming skills for when you buy the game and try out Competitive Mode. After all that fun, you are going to buy it, aren’t you?

Oh, and if you’re the newbie to Overwatch, make sure to pull up both your and your friend’s profiles and brag about which stats you’re doing better in.