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00:00:00: Welcome: Sideshow, ChrisTFer, and Dogman!

00:02:00: Discussing who has locked in their ticket to Contenders LAN

00:04:00: Sideshow forces Chris to predict Singularity’s chances of making it to LAN

00:06:15: Are Singularity and Kungarna losing practice time because their players are trying out for OWL teams?

00:12:00: Is individual play more important for Contenders players not already on OWL teams, rather than team results?

00:15:45: How have Chris and Dogman prepared for the Junkrat patch?

00:19:30: How exactly are pros going to deal with Junkrat?

00:23:30: Why did Western teams stop playing Doomfist before he even got nerfed?

00:27:30: What is going on with Rogue? Immortals?

00:32:30: Discussing the flexibility some teams have gained, while others have lost

00:33:45: Discussing Chris’ time on Envision

00:35:00: What teams might not adjust well to a shift in meta?

00:38:00: Is there a team that plays like a wildcard, completely unpredictable?

00:39:30: Sideshow gets kidnapped by Bren

00:41:30: Can we get an EU vs NA showmatch at Contenders LAN?

00:43:30: Talking about the new OWL teams who were just announced

00:45:00: Had Dogman or Chris heard about any of the new OWL teams prior to their announcement?

00:48:30: Why are Billionaires more interested in building teams from scratch?

00:51:00: Why did New York pick up a full Korean roster?

00:55:45: Listener questions!**

00:56:00: Why is FCTFCTN’s neck so long?

00:56:30: What happened to Pesto?

00:57:00: Will FaZe fall off if the meta changes?

01:04:30: Who will win, Sweden vs UK?

01:05:30 Is iRemiix all good after Hurricane Irma?

01:06:30 Will Blizzard change the way they do patches when OWL comes?

01:08:00 If you could build an OWL team who would you choose and why?

01:09:30 Will LW Blue and Lunatic Hai be challeneged at all when OWL starts?

01:14:00 Do you think that the Twitch/esports/meme culture will survive when OWL starts?

01:16:00 What are Dogman and Chris’ thoughts on the Contenders stats segments?

01:21:30 What are good moments to spectate Tanks and Healers, rather than DPS?

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