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Play Nice, Play Fair


In the latest Developer Update, Jeff Kaplan addressed in-game toxicity between players, “If you are a bad person doing bad things in Overwatch, we don’t want you in Overwatch…[it] should be an inclusive game space. It’s an inclusive, aspirational universe, and the gameplay experience should match what Overwatch is hoping to achieve.”

Players have felt that their reports against others has done nothing, but Kaplan stated that 340,000 out of 480,000 actions to date have been thanks to reports from players. Soon a new feedback system will provide players notification when action has been taken on a report they’ve filed.

The video has received mixed reactions from the community, namely on what Blizzard’s role should be in helping reduce toxicity. In the video, it’s also stated that having to create tools to fight the bad behavior is taking away from development time for the game itself. Many feel that Blizzard should have known this would happened based on the community behaviors in its other games and in the genre as a whole.

Team Liquid finally release update on their Overwatch team


After selling their Contenders spot to EnVision, and after many of the Overwatch roster has returned to playing their previous games, Team Liquid finally released a statement about what’s going on. Rapha (support) has returned to Quake, azk (DPS) has gone back to CS:GO, and shadder2k (DPS) and Fury (flex substitute) have been released of their contracts and are free to seek homes elsewhere.

Surprising most, MESR (tank) announced his retirement from competitive Overwatch. In a personal note attached to the Team Liquid statement, he discussed how he deliberated and decided that he wasn’t enjoying playing as much as he used to and his passion for the game and competitive mode have faded away. He had some advice for future professional players, “Practice makes perfect, but don’t burn yourself out. Don’t be afraid to take breaks as needed. Listen to your coaches.”

Two new OWL franchises signed


ESPN reports that two new OWL franchise deals have been finalized, with the deals covering both Philadelphia and Houston. Philadelphia goes to the owners of the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team, and Houston went to OpTic Gaming and a co-owner of the Texas Rangers (OpTicGaming is known for specializing in FPS games).

Additionally, it’s reported that Blizzard is in talks with the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team for a possible franchise in the Chicago region, though the location has not been fnialized.

Notable News

  • The Junkertown patch comes out next Tuesday (September 19).

  • The Competitive Top 500 leaderboard for each region was released in-game.

  • eUnited will not be seeking an OWL franchise, and its players are free to take opportunities on OWL teams should they appear. The team will be finishing out Contenders Season 1 together.

  • Ana and Junkrat will be entering The Nexus, as well as Volskaya Foundry, a 3CP map.

Roster Changes

  • crems (flex) and CrusaDe (support) are no longer with Cloud9 (EU).

This Week on Overbuff

  • CaptainPlanet talks about Doomfist vs. Genji picks between Korea and the West, and the history of Graviton Surge.

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