The Making of “Rise and Shine”


A video was released this week detailing the thought processes behind creating Mei’s animated short. It was important to the Overwatch creative team to show who Mei is and how she transformed into the hero she became. Unlike many of the characters in Overwatch who fall into hero stereotypes, she plays the part of a “normal” person winning against all odds. Scientists such as Mei and Winston show through their science and intelligence that they can overcome problems that heroes like Reinhardt and Soldier: 76 would do through brute force.

When Roadhog met Junkrat


This week, a new comic detailing the incident that brought Roadhog and Junkrat together was revealed. In “Wasted Land,” after fending off some scrap thieves, Roadhog heads to Junkertown to sell spoils. After making the sale and stopping for a drink, he encounters a familiar face who promises treasure. Read the featureless PDF version here.

Sinatraa signs with NRG


After a bidding war between Cloud9 and NRG, NRG have picked up DPS player Sinatraa with a US$150,000 Overwatch League contract, an amount that’s three times the starting salary for OWL players. The former Selfless player has been without an organization since that org disbanded, but is currently representing Team USA in the Overwatch World Cup.

Blizzard Arena revealed


The new Blizzard Arena Los Angeles was announced! This new facility in Burbank, California, has multiple sound stages, control rooms, and practice areas which allow multiple broadcasts to occur at once. The inaugural event will be the Contenders Season 1 playoffs in early October, followed by Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and the World of Warcraft Arena Championship soon after. Tickets for the Contenders event had been on sale, but quickly sold out.

Notable News

  • Team Expert dropped its roster without announcement (EU).

Roster Changes

  • Sypeh (support) left LW Blue and retired from Overwatch (KR).

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