Season 6 begins!

Season 5 ended earlier this week and Season 6 has already begun! We covered the changes for the new season last week, but highlights include: the season now lasts 2 months instead of 3, control maps are now best of 3, and SR will not be artificially lowered upon completion of placement matches. You can also read about all of the changes on Blizzard’s blog.

REMEMBER! If you do not see Season 6 competitive stats on your profile after playing a few matches and closing the game, play at least one more, close the game again, and THEN refresh your profile.

Deathmatch mode released

Deathmatch was relesed this week, along with a new map built specifically for the new mode, Château Guillard. In this new mode, the first player to reach 20 eliminations is the winner! Château Guillard is a map based around Widowmaker’s ancestral home and has a few interesting bits of lore spread about, so keep an eye out why you are on the prowl. A handful of other maps have been modified to fit into the new mode, much like they were for Capture the Rooster.

The patch also included major changes to Junkrat and Roadhog, but also included quality of life changes for Orisa and Widowmaker, as well as added outline opacity for aiming sights.

Team Singularity releases roster, new group takes name


This week, Danish team Singularity Esports released its Overwatch roster. Team Singularity had already played two weeks of Contenders Season 1, and were trailling most other teams at 0-2. In an interesting twist, ChrisTFer of the former Hammers Esports team, was given the Singularity Contenders spot and he quickly built a roster, but was not allowed to change the team name, despite it no longer having anything to do with Singularity Esports. The new roster has ChrisTFer as tank, Smex as flex, fischer and PoPiFresH as DPS, Dante and Kellex as support.

World Cup bracket drawing held


The bracket drawing for the World Cup was held at the end of Contenders last weekend. The South Korean team is known for their communication, cooperation, and above and beyond technical skill, which meant that every other country was hoping to avoid was South Korea as their opponent. Unfortunately for the United States, they were the “unlucky” winners. The match-ups will be, the United Kingdom vs. Sweden, Canada vs. Australia, China vs. France, and the United States vs. South Korea.

Notable News

  • Junkertown was added to the PTR. See the “home” of Junkrat and Roadhog before they blow it up! Check out the latest PTR patch notes here.

  • Vivi’s Adventure disbanded.

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