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00:00:00 Welcome, Envision!

00:01:00 Talking Envision’s upset wins

00:05:20 Where did Envision find Jaru?

00:05:00 How to stay focused when rosters are fluid during Contenders?

00:08:30 Discussion on the value of flexibility in Overwatch

00:13:00 Discussing the McCree-Doomfist lineup

00:16:00 The moment of victory vs. Immortals – what was it like?

00:17:00 What is going on with Rogue?

00:18:00 What teams are the hardest to face besides EnVy?

00:19:30 McGravy responds to Taimou callout

00:22:00 Playing with ChristFer vs playing with Numlocked

00:23:30 Discusssing custom callouts for particular strategies

00:26:30 What is going on with Immortals?

00:30:00 Pharah-Mercy’s place in the Doomfist meta?

00:32:30 Discussion on the new patch’s effects on the future meta

00:34:00 How to counterplay against Junkrat?

00:36:00 What is the new map, Junkertown, like?

00:36:30 Everyone gives their opinion on the new D.Va

00:43:30 Everyone’s thoughts on Mercy changes

00:45:00 Listener Questions

00:47:00 Does McGravy like Gravy?

00:47:30 Is there anyone from Contenders EU you want to play against?

00:48:30 What will you do if you beat EnVyUs?

00:49:00 Does anyone on Envision have LAN experience?

00:50:30 Will Orisa ever see play in a pro match?

00:52:00 How will the upcoming changes affect support play?

00:54:00 What kind of new Healer do we want to see in Overwatch?

00:56:30 Do you prefer old Roadhog, or current Doomfist more?

00:57:30 Contenders predictions for this weekend?

01:00:30 What is the next holiday event you want to see?

01:02:00 Where does Envision think they will ultimately place in Contenders Season 1?

01:03:00 Is Envision worried about other teams counter-stratting them?

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