Contenders Season One begins

Season One of Contenders begins this weekend with the top 8 Season 0 teams from the EU and NA competing for a US$100,000 prize pool. The event takes place over the next six weeks, culminating to the playoffs on October 7 and 8, and the finalists facing off in an offline event soon after (meaning in-person in a LAN setting). Watch ( for further details.

US and UK win in their World Cup Group Stages


Last weekend, the last World Cup Group Stage took place in Santa Monica, California, and dueling in the qualifying rounds were Chinese Taipei vs. the United Kingdom and the United States vs. Germany.

Both matchups were made to look easy as both the US and UK went 3-0 over their opponents. The UK made defeat painful for Chinese Taipei as the they were forced to fight a strong British defense on every map. With these victories, the UK joined both South Korea and China in the “No Losses Club.” The Germans didn’t fair much better against the US when they only looked their strongest in defending a payload in motion on the first map. After that they scraped for any inch they could get.

Notable News

  • Registration for the Open Division Season 2 ends on Monday, August 21.

  • Season 5 for Competitive Mode ends on August 28 and Season 6 begins on August 31.

  • A new map and animated short will be revealed at Gamescom next week.

  • Laser Kittenz (EU) was sold to Cloud9 and will be known as Cloud9 EU. Alicus, head of Laser Kittenz, will remain with the team and hopes for their success in Contenders Season One to prove they should be in the OWL.

  • The Tespa Collegiate Overwatch Series was announced with US$120,000 in scholarships and prizes.

  • EnVision Esports and GamersOrigin purchased Movistar Riders’s and Team Liquid’s Contenders Season One spots after those teams released, or are about to release, their rosters.

  • Rumor: ESPN says Lunatic-Hai will be in OWL. As arguably the best team in the world, this makes perfect sense!

  • Lead Story Writer Michael Chu clarified that the man eating dinner with Pharah in the Reflections comic was her father.

Roster Changes

  • zombs (flex) left FaZe Clan to become a free agent (US).

  • Reinforce (tank) moved to the Misfits inactive roster in search of new opportunities (EU).

  • Zuppehw (support) left Team Gigantti to join Misfits (EU).

  • Shaz (support) joined Team Gigantti from the former Hammers Esports roster (EU).

  • Mistakes (DPS) left 123 (EU).

  • Hafficool (DPS) joined 123 (EU).

  • Finnsi (tank) joined 123 (EU).

  • Kolsti (support) joined Rogue as a substitute (EU).

  • ONIGOD (DPS) has left Toronto Esports (NA).

  • LEETAEJUN (DPS) rejoined Lunatic-Hai after retiring at the end of APEX Season 2 (KR).

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