Summer Games to Return


The Summer Games, along with Lucioball, are coming back! The Summer Games event has sports-themed loot for all heroes, and a soccer-like arcade game where everyone is Lucio and tries to boop their way to victory. This year, players will be able to buy skins, as with other events, unlike last year where they were randomly in loot boxes. The 2016 skins will even be discounted to normal pricing. New skins are coming, with awesome ones for Mercy and Junkrat, along with Copa (Competitive) Lucioball! Complete placements and reach the top by the end of the three-week event for special rewards. Check out the Developer Update with all the details. The Summer Games begin on Tuesday, August 8.

APEX Season 3 Finals

Lunatic-Hai and Kongdoo Panthera faced off in an epic match-up for the APEX Championship. It was a strong back and forth match-up with neither team the clear, dominant force–so much so that two maps had to go to tiebreakers. In the end, Lunatic-Hai defeated Panthera 4-3 in one of the most epic match-ups in Overwatch to date! In the closing ceremonies, Gido was awarded MVP for the finals, and the audience voted ryujehong as MVP. Watch the entire series here.

Doomfist available in competitive mode


After a week to give players an opportunity to practice with and learn how to fight against him, Doomfist was unlocked in competitive mode. Teaming Doomfist and Zarya together is proving to be powerful combo. Perhaps he’ll be the dive comp breaker the world has been seeking. Not much data is available yet, but keep up with his trends on our Heroes page. Remember to play smart out there and practice in Quick Play, not in Competitive mode!

Notable News

  • Hammers Esports release Overwatch roster ahead of the Overwatch League signing period (NA). Declare they remain interested in Overwatch, despite not getting an OWL franchise.

  • APEX Season 4 Groups were decided, with five teams joining from APEX Challengers Season 4.

Roster Changes

  • kynnel (support) leaves Rest in Pyjamas (FIN).
  • BigG00se (support) joins Rest in Pyjamas (FIN).
  • Team Gigantti acquires the Rest in Pyjamas (FIN) roster.
  • KAISER (tank) returns to RunAway (SK) after leaving Cloud9 (NA).
  • Kalios (flex tank) stuck on RunAway’s bench due to contract troubles, left to join Afreeca Freecs Blue (SK).
  • Brek (tank) leaves RunAway to join Afreeca Freecs Blue (SK).

Where to Watch