Doomfist patch released


The Doomfist patch, which included Doomfist and a number of hero changes, was released on Thursday. Doomfist is a high mobility melee hero who promises to shake things up once he’s available in competitive mode next week. He may not be seen in some tournaments for a while because many tournaments use older patches to ensure fairness across multi-week events. Other notables from this patch: crosshair customization, a revamped highlight section with the ability to clip your own highlights and save them, and lootbox improvements that promise much fewer duplicates.

Overwatch League salaries and more


In a news post this week, it was revealed that the signing window for franchise teams is August 1, 2017 through October 31, 2017, and that players will have a number of benefits from the signed Player Agreement, including guaranteed one-year contracts, minimum US$50,000 per year salaries, and health insurance and retirement plans. There will also be bonuses for team performance, and teams must provide housing, practice facilities, and have no region locking in terms of the place of birth or home country of any player.

Reporting and penalty system improvements

With one of Blizzard’s core values of, “Play nice; play fair,” they are implementing changes to reporting and penalty systems. Effective immediately are increased penalties for verified reports of bad behavior, and in the future there will be scaling of competitive season bans, notifications on actions against reported players, and penalties for abusing the reporting system. Blizzard is also working with Microsoft and Sony to provide the same, if not similar, features to those systems.

Teams Sweden and Australia on their way to BlizzCon


In some of the most exciting games yet to come out of the World Cup, in Sydney Sweden defeated Spain (3-0) and Australia won over Japan (3-2), qualifying to move onto the World Cup playoffs in November. Spain never quite fully recovered from a slow start in their first game against Sweden, while Australia and Japan were back and forth in a close match all the way until the Aussies overcame them on a tiebreaker at Oasis.

Notable News

  • Tickets went on sale for the OW World Cup games in Santa Monica, CA on August 11 through August 13.

  • Dafran, still on suspension from professional play, announced his retirement from professional Overwatch.

  • One of Blizzard’s tournament organizers, BEARHANDS, left Blizzard to join the OWL New York team in a yet unknown managerial position.

Roster Changes

  • Tempo Storm released its Overwatch roster.

  • Laser Kittenz released Munchkin (DPS) and NamedHwi (Coach) (EU).

  • numlocked (tank) parted ways with NRG (NA).

  • MVP Infinity merged with MVP Space (SK).

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