Doomfist comic and release date


A handful of Doomfist news and information was released this week. On Tuesday a video preview about the new hero came out which discussed Doomfist’s origin, creation, and the design philosophies behind him. It was also revealed that he would be coming out this week! Doomfist arrives on Thursday, July 27.

A new comic also came out this week which showed the events that followed Doomfist’s escape from prison. Read along as our Talon agents head to a high class casino in Monaco to meet the leader of Talon.

PTR Patch going live this week?

While not confirmed by Blizzard, it’s likely that many, if not all, of the current PTR changes, will go live this week with Doomfist’s release. This includes the new highlight system, allowing players to capture three moments per game and save highlights, as well as changes to the lootbox system which dramatically decreases the amount of duplicates one gets. Read the current PTR patch notes here which also include changes for Zarya, Reaper, Reinhardt, and McCree.

China and France qualify for BlizzCon


Both China and France secured a position at BlizzCon after winning their groups in Shanghai this past weekend. The two teams were expected to do well and proved themselves in the playoffs as China defeated Thailand, not losing a single game the entire weekend, and France (a.k.a. Rogue) came out victorious over Norway. While the scores in both of the final match-ups were 3-0, neither Thailand or Norway made it easy for their opponents.

The World Cup continues this week in Sydney as Groups C & D compete for their chance at a trip to Anaheim.

Kyky says AMA


Kyky, Head Coach of EnVyUs, did a Reddit AMA where he dished out his thoughts on who will win APEX Season 3, Cloud9 then and now, what it’s like going from player to coach, and much more. Here’s a snippet from the AMA about the Team USA selection process:

“We had 12 players at a time playing against each other and trying out. We already knew players that were trying out were among the highest of caliber in the USA, so we paid attention to synergy and who wanted to play together, who wanted to win, and a lot of those kind of things. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this anywhere, but Grimreality was one of the hardest people to let go from the tryouts. The guy is a monster with a super solid teamwork personality for the game. We took a very risky gamble with Jake and Sinatraa that is more focused on flexibility than picking a pure hitscan player.”

Notable News

  • New Overwatch items appeared on the Blizzard Gear Store, including a popular sticker series by tokidoki.

  • A fan recreated Doomfist in Minecraft.

Roster Changes

  • NUS (support) leaves Meta Athena (SK).

  • Hyeok (flex) joins Meta Athena after leaving wNv Teamwork (SK).

  • kodaK (flex) leaves 123 (EU).

  • Lunatic-Hai announced its roster for Lunatic-Hai #2: Bunny (DPS); Myunghoon (flex); DoHyeon (flex tank); GuardiaN (tank); Alarm (support); Flash (support).

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