Happy Friday! There is a lot going on in the Overwatch world and it can be difficult to keep track of it all. With the Overbuff Recall, you can find a weekly summary of news, announcements, tournaments, and more no matter if you play Overwatch casually, hit competitive mode as much as you can, or want to keep up with the world of Overwatch esports!

New PTR Build

A new patch for the PTR rolled out which included Doomfist’s collectables, along with changes to Reinhardt, McCree, Reaper, and Zarya. Reinhardt has a number of fixes coming, and the change to Zarya’s Graviton Surge is receiving lots of discussion, as it now stops all movement effects, similar to Junkrat’s Steel Trap, and heroes such as Tracer or Sombra can no longer use Recall or Translocator to escape. Remember that changes made to the PTR are not necessarily final.

Overwatch League announces first cities


The seven initial cities that will have their own Overwatch League teams have been announced by OWL Commissioner Nate Nanzer. The first cities are: Boston, New York, Miami-Orlando, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Seoul. So far it has been confirmed that Immortals will play for Los Angeles, NRG will call the San Francisco and Bay Area home, and Misfits will represent the Miami-Orlando region.

For season 1, all games will take place in Los Angeles to give other cities time to build their own venues.

Overwatch World Cup begins


World Cup action has begun as Groups A and B kicked off the Group Stage event in Shanghai on Friday. Both China (A) and France (B) are the expected winners for their groups, but some surprises may be in store with the might behind Norway’s ONIGOD (A) and Thailand’s unstoppable Mickie on D.Va (B) nipping at China and France’s heels. Games continue into the weekend and all will be broadcast right here.

Movistar Riders releases its roster


The Spanish organization opted to not renew its players’ contracts, despite recent successes in the past months, including qualifying for Contenders Season 1. Movistar Riders stated the move was not due to performance, but instead due to not viewing their Overwatch team as a sustainable venture.

If the players decide to stick together, the organization is allowing them to take the Contenders position they earned because the placement is owned by the org itself, not the players. There’s been no word regarding how this will shake out.

OWL in planning stages of a fantasy league

Thinking long-term, the OWL is considering what it would take to launch an Overwatch fantasy league a year or two down the road. With over 50 million daily fantasy league players across all sports, the OWL would like to try their hand in it, but in a way that could also bring revenue to the organization.

Noteworthy News

  • Afreeca Freecs Red disbands after failing to qualify for APEX Season 4. (SK)

  • Lunatic-Hai announces second team, Lunatic-Hai #2. (SK)

  • APEX will run separately from the Overwatch League. (SK)

Roster Changes

  • Jaru (DPS) joins EnVision. (NA)

  • PYYYOUR (support) joins MEGA Esports as coach. (TH)

  • Peak (coach) joins Arc6 as Head Coach. (EU)

  • Gambler (support) leaves LW Blue. (SK)

  • LW Red releases FR3E (flex). (SK)

  • Team Liquid’s rapha (support) leaves Overwatch to play Quake Champions. (NA)

  • silkthread (DPS) ends trial with CLG to return to college. (NA)

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