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00:00:30 Welcome, Cwoosh!

00:01:15 The origins of Cwoosh and Movistar Riders

00:05:30 The rise of Movistar post-signing

00:08:30 A day in the life at the Movistar Team House

00:10:45 Does Misfits have Movistar’s number?

00:12:30 Thoughts on 123 and Bazooka Puppies

00:13:45 The evolution of Movistar’s playstyle

00:16:00 Who would play Soldier in the D.Va/Tracer/Soldier comp for Movistar?

00:18:35 What were the comms like during Cwoosh’s quadkill at TaKeTV?

00:20:45 Thoughts on Movistar’s result at TaKeOver2?

00:22:45 Thoughts on Contenders as a whole?

00:24:50 What kinds of strange pocket-strats did Movistar run into during qualifiers?

00:26:30 Why is Route 66 such a swing-y map?

00:30:10 How the hell do you break a first point defense on Route 66 anyway?

00:32:30 Discussing Contenders Season 1

00:37:00 Discussing the Sweden World Cup Team

00:49:00 Listener Questions!

00:49:30 Who is Cwoosh’s favorite NA pro?

00:50:45 Who was Cwoosh’s first hero played?

00:51:30 Who is the player who is hardest for Cwoosh to play against?

00:52:15 Which team that was knocked out in Contenders would you most want to return for Season 2? Who is the most underrated team?

00:53:45 Everyone’s take on the meta?

00:55:00 Is Sombra the answer to dive?

00:56:00 Speculating about abilities that could be added to Overwatch

01:30:30 Thoughts on NA Contenders

01:05:00 Favorite moment from TaKeTV?

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