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00:00:30 Welcome, Reinforce!

00:01:15 What brought Reinforce to Overwatch?

00:05:15 Does Reinforce even like playing Winston?

00:06:00 Differences between playing for Rogue and playing for Misfits

00:08:00 Thoughts on the direction of the Meta

00:09:45 Thoughts on recent balance changes

00:13:45 Reinforce’s thoughts on the Overwatch contenders qualifiers + group stages

00:19:15 Were there any teams that surprised Reinforce, either by qualifying or not qualifying?

00:21:45 Evaluating Misfits’ performance recently, relative to their TakeTV disappointment

00:25:15 Is there a rivalry between Misfits and Laser Kittenz?

00:26:15 Discussing Mykl mindgames

00:28:25 Will Laser Kittenz’ Hanamura strat work again?

00:30:30 How to recover your mental state after blowing ultimates

00:31:30 The status of Misfits’ coaching situation

00:33:50 Are there any teams that Reinforce wants to take on in Contenders playoffs?

00:34:30 Thoughts on RiP?

00:35:45 Thoughts on Bazooka Puppies?

00:36:45 Talking National Team – Team Sweden

00:38:45 How difficult is Sweden’s World Cup group?

00:41:30 Who does Reinforce want to play between Spain and Finland (if it comes to that)

00:46:30 Listener questions!

00:47:15 Is CantuS actually good?

00:47:45 Did Cocco try out for Team Sweden?**

00:49:15 Why do most main tanks struggle with transitioning to Winston from Reinhardt?

00:50:15 What does Reinforce think about Lucios and shotcalling?

00:51:00 What would Blizzard have to do to make non-Dive comps more viable?

00:52:00 Was Lucio being the only Speed-granting hero a mistake?

00:53:00 You had a discussion about stats on Twitter: what stats are valuable when evaluating pro players?

00:54:30 Does Misfits have a personal trainer? Or a team house?

00:56:45 Thoughts on the local Swedish Overwatch scene?

00:57:45 Why do you think Roadhog got nerfed again?

00:59:15 What are our thoughts on Orisa in the grand scheme of Overwatch?

01:02:15 Thoughts on Contenders camera angles?

01:05:45 Pineapple on pizza?

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