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  • 00:00:30 Welcome, Mangachu!

  • 00:01:00 How did Mangachu end up in Overwatch?

  • 00:02:30 How did Mangachu end up trying Pharah?

  • 00:05:00 More in-depth Pharah talk

  • 00:07:20 How did Team Canada tryouts shake out?

  • 00:17:00 Talking about the Team USA vs Canada exhibition match

  • 00:22:00 Was this year’s Committee process the best way to do it?

  • 00:23:30 Why does Mangachu play Hanzo?

  • 00:25:15 xQc stories from E3

  • 00:26:30 General thoughts on the E3 experience

  • 00:27:30 Who has Team Canada been practicing against?

  • 00:29:00 How good is Team USA?

  • 00:33:15 Discussing a bit of EU contenders

  • 00:35:00 How is RNG’s preparation for NA Contenders going?

  • 00:36:15 Mangachu’s opinion on RNG’s “Group of Death”

  • 00:39:30 Mangachu’s take on the map format for Contenders Group Stages

  • 00:45:00 Listener Questions

  • 00:45:30 Is Jonas Jerbko (owner of Renegades) pretty chill?

  • 00:46:30 Who is the cutest boy on Team Canada?

  • 00:47:00 Who is Mangachu’s favorite RNG member?

  • 00:47:30 Does Mangachu use space or right-click for Pharah jet?

  • 00:48:00 What does the Team Canada Committee do now that the team is finalized?

  • 00:48:45 Is Team Canada working on getting a sponsor?

  • 00:50:45 Has RNG been to the Detroit Zoo?

  • 00:51:15 Thoughts on Team Liquid with their new Korean tank, Fate, and Shadder2k in NA?

  • 00:52:15 What do you think about all of the NA teams picking up Koreans?

  • 00:53:00 Thoughts on the Taimou Twitlonger?

  • 00:53:30 What does Team Canada do for team bonding?

  • 00:54:15 Is it true Jer hasn’t been kicked yet because he’s funny?

  • 00:54:45 What is the team house / visa situation?

  • 00:56:30 How is Mangachu’s stream going?

  • 00:58:00 Is Team Canada’s roster permanent?

  • 01:00:00 Mangachu’s take on the Map Pool for Contenders?

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