Earlier today, Blizzard announced the launch of Overwatch Contenders: a development league where new and established Overwatch teams alike can compete to showcase their talent, win sizable cash prizes, and make a name for themselves ahead of the looming Overwatch League. While this new league is exciting for both fans and players, its complexity is a little daunting at first glance. Overwatch Contenders includes an open qualifier stage, a group stage, and a grand final – with provisions for specific established professional teams as well. And this is just Season 0! For more information, check out this link dump:

Overwatch Contenders Main Site

Player Handbook

Full Ruleset

Official Announcement Post

To help you understand who, what, why, and when events are going down for Overwatch Contenders, CaptainPlanet has created a handy flowchart to help guide you through the summer-long event. We at Overbuff are extremely excited for the games to come, and we’ll be cheering right alongside everyone else in the Twitch/MLG chat. See you then!!

Update/Clarification: For the NA region, due to C9’s auto-seeding, the bottom four of the top eight teams on Sunday will play each other to determine which of the three will advance to the group stages.