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00:01:00 Introductions: Welcome Doa!

00:02:00 How did Doa end up in Korea anyway?

00:03:45 The birth of the now dynamic duo with MonteCristo

00:06:45 Describe the differences between preparing to cast League for the first time, versus Overwatch for the first time

00:12:00 What kind of access did you have to teams during your preparation for casting Overwatch?

00:13:00 What differences have you noticed between regions in terms of play styles?

00:16:30 Are South Korean coaches better than their western counterparts?

00:20:00 Apex Discussion starts here

00:20:45 Individual standouts

00:29:45 Does Rogue have any superstars?

00:33:15 Are there any Western players who stand out as on Korean players’ level?

00:36:15 Does Rogue win Season 3 of Apex?

00:39:15 Do you replace EscA if you’re in charge of Lunatic Hai?

00:41:45 Let’s build Korea’s World Cup team

00:44:45 Who would we pick for Team USA?

00:51:45 Can anyone even challenge South Korea this year?

00:55:00 Random thoughts on Selly

00:57:00 Thoughts on Apex Rule changes

00:59:00 Discussion on the future of map pools in Overwatch

01:02:00 Listener questions

01:02:00 Why hasn’t SKT expanded into Overwatch yet?

01:03:20 Is this the last Apex season that RunAway remains unsigned?

01:04:30 What are our thoughts on the exodus of endemic orgs from Overwatch lately?

01:12:00 Why is there such a difference in Korea vs the West when it comes to Mercy Mains in Top 500, and Genji+McCree vs Soldier 76?

01:13:30 How do you feel your OGN replacements have been doing this season?

01:18:40 If you could change one thing about spectating in Overwatch, what would it be?

01:25:30 Thoughts on incoming PTR changes?

01:27:00 Thoughts on Apex Tactical Pauses?

01:28:00 What’s the next hero you want to see in Overwatch? Or ability?

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