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  • 00:00:30 Introductions

  • 00:01:30 The rise of Rise

  • 00:05:30 How did Rise come together initially?

  • 00:07:30 When did you guys realize you were actually better at Overwatch than most players?

  • 00:11:00 How has shot-calling in Rise evolved over time?

  • 00:12:45 How do you actually keep track of enemy ultimate charge over time?

  • 00:16:00 Lucio change discussion

  • 00:18:45 How the hell did Rise put up a fight against Rogue?

  • 00:23:30 How will Rogue fare in Korea?

  • 00:25:50 Using Tank ultimates to counter Dragonblade – the evolution of counters?

  • 00:27:30 Different ways to use Lucio boops to set up plays

  • 00:29:20 Is there a play that Rise is known for?

  • 00:30:00 Rise’s greatest bloopers

  • 00:31:30 Xretzi and Phaz’s cases for the Overwatch World Cup

  • 00:40:45 Discussion about Committee voting drama (aka Great Britain)

  • 00:46:15 xRetzi lookalikes

  • 00:47:00 Team USA predictions

  • 00:52:00 Toronto esports “player” drama

  • 00:55:00 What does Rise think about Internethulk, Envy, and Apex?

  • 00:56:45 What does Rise think about Laser Kittenz?

  • 00:58:30 Where do you think Cloud 9 will be once they get more practice?

  • 01:00:00 If you could scrim against any time without ping differences, who would you choose?

  • 01:01:45 Do you think Rogue will be toppled in the near future?

  • 01:04:15 Thoughts on the “mid-round swap” rule change in Apex Season 3?

  • 01:08:15 What city would you want to rep for the Overwatch League?

  • 01:12:45 Shoutouts

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