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  • 00:01:00 How Hexagrams got into Overwatch

  • 00:05:00 How bad Overwatch’s spectator mode used to be

  • 00:06:00 When Hex met ZP

  • 00:08:45 Was there a turning point where Hex thought he was starting to get good at casting?

  • 00:11:20 What is the endgame for Hex? Where does he see himself in the future?

  • 00:15:30 Where do Hex’s analytical chops come from?

  • 00:17:30 What preparation is required prior to a live cast?

  • 00:20:30 How has the line between play-by-play and color casting blurred over time with the ZP/Hex duo?

  • 00:28:00 The growth of the Monthly Melees

  • 00:34:00 Will the Overwatch Monthly Melee EU ever be revived?

  • 00:38:00 The April Monthly Melee

  • 00:43:00 Emongg’s Roadhog carry

  • 00:47:00 Are Selfless and Rogue unflexible teams?

  • 00:49:15 Which team is more adaptable: Rogue or Selfless?

  • 00:54:30 Does Selfless deserve to go to Korea, if you were to invite 4 western teams instead of 2?

  • 01:00:30 The big bad Rogue boys

  • 01:06:15 Were there any teams that stood out in the April Overwatch Monthly Melee?

  • 01:10:15 Where does Denial go from here with Silkthread?

  • 01:12:30 Listener Questions!

  • 01:13:15 Hexagrams on Shadder2k

  • 01:15:00 What do you want to see happen in Overwatch League?

  • 01:20:00 What are everyone’s predictions for the Rivalcade Rumble?

  • 01:26:30 What players do you think are on the verge of breaking out?

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