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  • 00:00:00 Intro

  • 00:00:30 Introducing dhaK and Emongg from Selfless!

  • 00:01:00 Team roles – shotcalling vs. vocal leader?

  • 00:03:30 Single-shotcallers, an outdated idea?

  • 00:06:15 How you came to be on Selfless, and why you think you’ve made such improvements as of late?

  • 00:09:15 How did dhaK come to be the “OG” DSPStanky?

  • 00:13:30 What brought Emongg to Roadhog?

  • 00:15:30 Bringing in Sinatraa and Dafran

  • 00:19:15 The Selfless Team House and its impact on the team

  • 00:27:00 Pick the best and worst thing about one of your teammates to share!

  • 00:29:45 How deep is Dafran’s hero pool?

  • 00:31:15 Do Tracers try to 1v1 each other on purpose?

  • 00:34:00 How did Selfless weather the Tanke Meta storm?

  • 00:35:15 Does dhaK worry about burning out only playing Lucio?

  • 00:37:15 Quick takes on PTR Lucio

  • 00:40:30 Quick takes on Orisa

  • 00:42:45 Quick takes on Sombra

  • 00:43:30 How does Selfless evaluate new strategies and hero changes when scrimming?

  • 00:44:30 Getting into the Overwatch Monthly Melee and Selfless’ team comp

  • 00:47:30 Spawn camping!

  • 00:51:15 What room for improvement do you see in your play vs. Rogue in the Overwatch Monthly Melee?

  • 00:58:30 What’s next for Selfless?

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