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  • 00:00:00 Introductions

  • 00:00:40 Disciple, of GamingCurios and Overwatch Curios!

  • 00:02:30 How do you even pronounce Orisa?

  • 00:03:20 Speculation of the future of Overwatch hero releases

  • 00:06:15 What did you think the 24th hero was going to be, when Efi first surfaced?

  • 00:11:15 Orisa ability discussion (Fusion Driver)

  • 00:15:05 Orisa ability discussion (Protective Barrier)

  • 00:18:10 Orisa ability discussion (Halt!)

  • 00:23:10 Note: D.Va does eat Halt! with Defense Matrix. Also forgot to mention, you can fire/activate Halt! while doing anything else with Orisa, including firing your main weapon.

  • 00:23:35 Orisa ability discussion (Fortify)

  • 00:25:30 Note: Fortify reduces incoming damage by 50%

  • 00:28:00 Where does Orisa fit in to current lineups?

  • 00:29:30 What kind of maps will Orisa shine on?

  • 00:32:30 Where to best use Halt! (?)

  • 00:33:15 Orisa ability discussion (Supercharger)

  • 00:41:30 What counters Orisa?

  • 00:48:00 Final thoughts on Orisa?

  • 00:52:00 Apex Groups ending

  • 00:55:45 Is this EnVyUs plateauing?

  • 00:59:00 Korean teams witholding scrims from EnVyUs?

  • 01:02:00 Bishop (former Korean pro) returns to NA with Cloud 9 as their trial coach

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