What’s up guys and gals, CaptainPlanet here to speak about everyone’s favorite ARG hero: Sombra. The basic information about this hero can be found on Blizzard’s official page but here at Overbuff we care more about the nitty gritty details of what makes heroes tick. After the Overwatch World Cup ended, I teamed up with Nick “Tamly” Hartman (https://twitter.com/tamlytime) to test all of the things that haven’t been tested yet. What follows will be a list of the things I discovered, and my take on what the numbers mean for Overwatch’s 23rd Hero.

Ultimate Charge Rate: 2 seconds per 1% ultimate charge passive rate, 50% ultimate charge per full weapon clip (~8 damage per bullet, 60 bullets)

Sombra is a hero that can do many things, but her left click damage is what will ultimately (hah) have the greatest impact on her position relative to the rest of Overwatch’s cast. Her EMP ultimate will be a powerful initiation tool for teams that wish to make sure the rest of their ultimates hit – its AOE silencing effect lasts 6 seconds and destroys all shields and shield health – so the question at the front of everyone’s minds should be: How fast does Sombra get EMP?

Compare the rate above to Tracer, who has slightly faster passive rate (1% per 1.7 seconds), and 20% ultimate charge per weapon clip at 40 bullet clips (480 damage). Tracer and Sombra had similar fire rates as far as I could tell, however Sombra’s SMG has an insane weapon bloom to the point that in order to do any significant damage you have to be almost on top of whoever you’re shooting at. You cannot even reliably stutter-fire like with Soldier 76. With this in mind, I believe Sombra will fall somewhere in the mid-range of ultimate charging, similar to heroes like McCree and Reaper. You should also remember, however, that ultimate charge has been reduced across the board on the current iteration of the PTR, so combo-ing EMP with other game-changing, slow-charging ultimates to make sure they hit will be a premium play at all levels of Overwatch.

Hacked Health Packs grant ultimate charge, but only to you

The other Sombra ability with the chance to change the way Overwatch is played is Hack – Sombra’s multi-faceted ability that can disable enemies or hack health packs. For an entire minute, hacked health packs can only be used by your team, respawn faster, and cannot be un-hacked by an enemy Sombra. This may make Sombra the first true flanker and backline disruptor – a hero that can make a huge impact on the game entirely through actions not involved with the main fighting. This ability must not be underestimated: taking away an enemy’s source of healing and at the same time giving your team more healing puts an insane amount of pressure on your opponents’ healers. This may even shift the focus of some maps to controlling health pack locations. It would be icing on the cake – and possibly step into the possibly overpowered realm – if these hacked health packs generated ultimate charge when healing your teammates, but they do not. You do gain ultimate charge if you heal yourself with such a health pack however, just like other self-heal abilities in the game.

Hacking displays an enemy’s ultimate status to your team

Both Hack and EMP will display the hacked enemy’s ultimate status to your entire team – extremely valuable information for planning initiations. Ultimate status displays as an ultimate icon above their hero name if it is available, and no display if it is not available. This will likely not impact the professional and upper ladder levels of play that much – since these players have enough experience to generally know their opponent’s ultimate status through game flow – but may help out lower level players make better informed decisions.

Symmetra can knock Sombra out of stealth with her main fire, but must be in melee range to do so

All forms of damage taken can remove Sombra’s Thermoptic Camo, but Symmetra’s beam is kind of a strange example that must latch onto heroes to do damage. As it turns out, if Symmetra uses her beam and is within melee range of Sombra she will indeed do damage and knock Sombra out of stealth. Other reliable ways to prevent a Sombra from escaping invisibly include Winston’s Tesla Cannon, swinging wildly with Reinhardt hammer, and Sombra’s own SMG spray.

You cannot emote while Camouflaged

Followers of the Emote-BM Meta will of course have jumped at the idea of emoting while invisible behind your opponent before finishing them off. Unfortunately, emoting is disabled while invisible – this strategy will have to be ranked strictly F Tier in the BM strength power rankings.

You cannot place your Translocator on a basketball

This is something that one of Blizzard’s developers asked me to try, because even they did not know the answer. As it turns out, you cannot place your Translocator on the basketballs on control maps, so no Sombra + Basketball + Pharah knockback + Translocator shenanigans exist for those Overwatch Stunt YouTubers out there :(

That’s it for my Sombra deep dive! Keep an eye out on Overbuff in the coming days for the Overwatch World Cup Meta Report, it should be a fun one!


Until next time,